[Trans] 120524 Post of JYJ Tweets

@6002theMicky: Rooftop Prince ended its run with an ending more beautiful than any other works..^^ I was really thankful for all the love you gave during this time. Thank you. Even if 300 years pass, I still love you~^^ Silly~~~~!!!

@6002theMicky: Lee Gak Park Ha~^^http://yfrog.com/kju22zqoj

@1215thexiahtic: Yoochunie you worked so hard during this time..^^ For the time being, please have a good rest…! Your Highness..;;

@1215thexiahtic: @poimin73 Thank you as always Hyung~^^

@6002theMicky: ^_______________________^ http://yfrog.com/od1hujij

@6002theMicky: @1215thexiahtic Thank you~^^ Do the tour well!! You are the best!!

@6002theMicky: Today’s filming ended too~^^!!! http://yfrog.com/esuiditj

@6002theMicky: Lee Gak, you’re the first drama character that I’ve ever looked forward to… I’ll miss you… Goodbye.

@6002theMicky: Ah!! And for a while I used to think “Gakie, you’re such a player”, I cancel that thought now. Cancel!!^^ Thank you~

@6002theMicky: @woosiq Never forget… http://yfrog.com/ocp9bbgoj

@6002theMicky: @jihye5555 ㅎㅎ You worked so hard too~^^ㅎㅎ Let’s get even more tired during the next piece of work^^

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[TRANS] Tohoshinki「LIVE TOUR 2012~TONE~」LIVE DVD & Blu-ray To Be Released on July 25th

 Greetings to everyone at Bigeast♪

Their first dance track in about a year!! On 11 July, the new single “ANDROID” and on 25 July, the Live DVD and Blu-ray for the “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~” which saw a total nationwide audience of 550,000 people, where the members cried, will be released!!

2012.7.25 On Sale LIVE DVD『Title Undecided』

■ 3 DVD Set 【First press pre-order only edition AVBK-79089】

2012.04.15(Sun.) Tokyo Dome performance

● B.U.T
● Superstar
● I Think U Know
● Mirotic
● Toki wo Tomete
● Thank you my girl
● Honey Funny Bunny
● Before U Go
● Duet
● I Don’t Know
● Telephone
● Shiawase iro no Hana
● Back to Tomorrow
● Rusty Nail
● Easy Mind
● We Are!
● Summer Dream
● High Time
● Why?(Keep Your Head Down)
● Weep
● Somebody To Love Approximately 130 mins

2012.03.18 Saitama Super Arena Performance Digest
Offshot Movie
Approximately 60 mins

【Bigeast Exclusive Goods】
Staff Pass Replica x 1
※This is an item from the Bigeast Official Shop (Members only)
※ The premium for the 【3 Set DVD】 【2 set DVD】 and 【Blu-ray】are the same.

■ DVD 2 Set DVD 【Normal Edition AVBK-79092】

2012.04.15(Sun.) Tokyo Dome Performance
Approximately 130 mins

【Bigeast Exclusive Goods】

Staff Pass Replica x 1
※This is an item from the Bigeast Official Shop (Members only)
※ The premium for the 【3 Set DVD】 【2 set DVD】 and 【Blu-ray】are the same.

■ Blu-ray 【AVXK-79094】

2012.04.15(Sun.) Tokyo Dome Performance
Approximately 130 mins

【Bigeast Exclusive Goods】

Staff Pass Replica x 1
※This is an item from the Bigeast Official Shop (Members only)
※ The premium for the 【3 Set DVD】 【2 set DVD】 and 【Blu-ray】are the same.

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]
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[TRANS] Tohoshinki New Single 『ANDROID』To Be Released on July 11th

After about 1 year a new dance song!! 7/11 (Wed) NEW SINGLE『ANDROID』release have been decided!!

2012.7.11 On Sale NEW SINGLE『ANDROID』

■CD+DVD<Video Clip and offshot included in first release limited edition!!> 【First Press Limited Edition AVCK-79079/B】¥1,890

[CD Track]



3. ANDROID-Less Vocal-

4. BLINK -Less Vocal-

[DVD Content]

ANDROID -Video Clip- Off Shot Movie

※【First Press Limited Edition AVCK-79079/B】Recording only

[Limited edition includes]

Jacket size card enclosed(1 randomly chosen out of 6 cards)

Offshot movie in DVD

■CD Only <Tohoshinki “First” digital photobook (CD-EXTRA)!!>

【First Press Limited Edition – Normal AVCK-79081】¥1,050

[CD Track]



3. ANDROID -modest gothic remix-

4. ANDROID-Less Vocal-

5. BLINK -Less Vocal-


Digital photo booklet Jacket size card enclosed(1 randomly chosen out of 6 cards)

Gorgeous 12P booklet enclosed (※)CD-EXTRAとは

Apart from music, there will be data that can be played on PC

Would be able to view the “digital photobook” by launching the CD on a PC

■Bigeast盤【AVC1-79082】¥735 (tax included)

▼Click below for details ☆Bigeast Official Shop

[PC] http://shop.mu-mo.net/st/fc/BGFC.html

[MB] http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/st/fc/BGFC.html

※ “Bigeast Limited Edition” reservation schedule to start on 5/24(Thur)12:00より

Source: Tohoshinki Official Site
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[TRANS] 120515 Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin – #8

Question 8: Where would you like to go if you could go once?

Yunho : Space

Changmin : Champions League. I want to go see the final match.

Source: [Bigeast Official Site]
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[NEWS] 120516 Official poster for drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ released

The official poster for MBC‘s upcoming drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘ has been released!

‘Dr. Jin’, featuring Lee Bum Soo, Song Seung Hun, Kim Jaejoong, Park Min Young, and Lee So Yeon, is a period drama that tells the story of a top modern day physician who returns to the Joseon era to practice medicine.

Song Seung Hun will play the role of a doctor, Jin Hyuk, for the first time since his debut, while Lee Bum Soo will take on the part of friend Lee Ha Eung. Kim Kyung Tak is played by Kim Jaejoong. ’Dr. Jin’ is Jaejoong’s first attempt in a period drama. Despite being well-known as an idol, people are commenting that he looks quite good in the historical costume. The two female protagonists are Park Min Young, who plays Hong Young Rae, and Lee So Yeon, who plays the character of Chun Hong.

A representative from ‘Dr. Jin’ stated, “[All the actors] play roles that fit them perfectly and each other, which will become the driving force of the richness of the drama of ‘Dr. Jin’.” He went on, “In order to make a project that will stay in the memories of viewers as having a fun, warm impression, the entire staff and all the actors are in the midst of trying our best. Please have continued interest in ‘Dr. Jin’, which is planned to have its first broadcast on the 26th.”

The original idea behind ‘Dr. Jin’ comes from the 10-year-old Japanese serial comic by Murakami Motoka. The first broadcast will be on MBC at 9:55pm on May 26 KST.

Source: Osen
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[Pic] 120515 – 2012 TVXQ Special Event in Seoul Website

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[Pic] 120515 XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert Poster

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[Trans] 120514 Junsu’s signature for fans

To: My baby ❤

Really grateful for your unchanging love~^.^ Xia

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[Pic] 2012 TVXQ Special Event in Seoul Website

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[Info] 120502 K-Pop Festival – Music Bank The Biggest K-Pop Show Hits Hong Kong

Music Bank, the multi K-pop artists concert from South Korea, will be in Hong Kong for the first time on 23 June 2012 for an exceptional show at AsiaWorld-Arena, following the phenomenal success encountered by K-pop artists such as Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, CnBlue and 2PM in the Hong Kong market recently.

Music Bank is one of the most popular music programmes from Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in Korea, which is broadcast live through KBS World Channel to 72 countries around the world. This weekly entertainment programme is an opportunity to see top level K-pop artists and is the debut vehicle for upcoming artists. It is the driving force behind the famous Hallyu Wave (or Korean wave) sweeping across and beyond Asian markets, and has a very steady fan base around the world as it remains one of the only shows that satisfies, every week, the fans’ craving for K-Pop.

The Hong Kong show will have the privilege to welcome eight of the most famous Korean artist groups who will set the audience on fire with their powerful choreography and their romantic ballads. The confirmed Artist lineup is TVXQ, Wonder Girls, Beast, CnBlue, F(x), MBlaq, Infinite and IU. Often punctuated by surprises and unique performances, the Music Bank K-Pop Festival is an electrifying, enchanting and top quality show.

Back in July 2011, the first Music Bank World Tour took place in Tokyo Japan with a sold-out show at Tokyo Dome. In February 2012, the second show was hugely successful in Paris, France with dynamic performances from top level K-pop artists and an extravagant production. Music Bank in Hong Kong is the newest and the first stop in Asian market ever.

K-pop fans should not miss this one-night only show. Presented by Korean Broadcasting System and promoted in Hong Kong by Midas Promotions, Music Bank in Hong Kong 2012 will storm the stage of AsiaWorld-Arena on 23 June 2012. Tickets to the show are on sale through HK Ticketing and Tom Lee Music Stores (www.hkticketing.com; tel: 31 288 288) from 8 May 2012.

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