What happened at TVXQ Changmin’s 24th birthday party with fans?

Max Changmin held his 24th birthday party on the 18th at the Seoul SangMyung Art Center with his fans. Curious as to what happened at the party? Once again, fans that were present have written accounts of what occurred, and it seems that the party was very enjoyable.

For Changmin’s birthday party, the MC was SHINee’s Minho and his first lines were nothing but praises for Changmin. He stated, “Changmin hyung is the best in the world. He’s so handsome, so strong. How come he’s so handsome?” Changmin responded jokingly by saying, “Don’t make me yell at you in front of the fans.”

Then a chair was brought on stage and when Changmin sat on it, fans screamed. Minho joined in with the fans complimenting Changmin on everything he did. Changmin replied, “I am only copying Choi Siwon.” When Minho complimented him, Changmin smiled and frowned at the same time.

The next segment of the party was where Changmin had to draw his life story on a board. There were horizontal and vertical lines on the board. Anything that was positive would be drawn above the horizontal line while anything negative would be drawn below it. Changmin then exclaimed that he can’t believe he has to draw it manually because he thought it was automatic where images would appear once the pen touched the board. Minho then confirmed that indeed the board was not automatic.

Changmin then began his artistic portrayal of his life story. He first talked about his birth. He said when he was born he felt especially handsome and that he had milky skin. Minho then asked the fans to scream, “Milky skin Changmin! We love you Changmin!” At five years old, Changmin said he still did not know anything. Minho asked, “Did you have a high voice like you do now?” Changmin replied, “Of course not! At that time, I didn’t know about celebrities or idols, I only knew my mom!” Changmin then explained that when he was five, he had two emotional incidents during preschool. The first time was when a teacher said to Changmin, “You look so pretty!” and then bit him. The second time when a girl falsely accused Changmin of hitting her.

When he was ten, Changmin went to a ski park with his father. Changmin insisted that he was only a beginner but his father said that he was of intermediate level. In the end, Changmin injured his leg. There was also a time he was naughty in school and his parents were asked to come. Changmin said, “I was only being a little naughty and they asked my mom to come to school!”

Changmin entered junior high at fifteen. At this stage, fans screamed, “2nd year in junior high!” Changmin replied jokingly, “I know! I’m not stupid. Everyone knows that at 13, you’re in 6th grade”. He then began once again saying he had entered his 2nd year of junior high and upon hearing this, fans started to scream the name of Changmin’s junior high to which Changmin confirmed their screams. He also added, “Although there isn’t any ulterior meanings to this. There were lots of motels next to the school.”

Changmin then talked about being discovered by a talent scout. At the time, Changmin was behind the school playing badminton. He said that his charms must have impressed the scout so much that the scout decided to recommend him to SM. At the time, Yunho hurt him by saying “If you’re just here and not serious about it, then it’s better to leave early!” Changmin worked hard and eventually debuted as a member of TVXQ. Minho then chimed in, “At the time, you were thinking about becoming a small cat weren’t you?” Changmin replied, “Flaming charisma Minho!”

He then talked about his first girlfriend. However, Changmin was eventually dumped. Following his mention of a girlfriend but then being dumped, fans first screamed then sighed. Changmin then said, “I already said I got dumped and yet you guys are so high! How could you!”

Then starting at age 20, Changmin began telling his life story year by year. Minho interrupted saying, “As MC, I was planning to request that you do so. I didn’t know you also felt the same way.” Changmin then boasted, “No matter what, I did debut prior to you for so many years!” When sad stories were shared, fans sighed. Changmin said, “Don’t show such sympathy”, but when fans immediately screamed hapily, he said “What’s so happy about it?”

When Changmin started complimenting Minho, he replied with pride, “I won in this game against hyung 4 times in a row”, even adding within how many minutes. Changmin said, “At the time, I really wanted to hit this dongsaeng”. Minho then started to copy Changmin’s laughter. He first showed Changmin’s laughter when Yunho says something not funny but Changmin, being polite, laughs. He then showed how Changmin laughs when he truly hears something funny and laughs. Minho also mentioned that last time when Changmin was on Heechul’s show, he had heard it while he was in the car and thought Changmin had died laughing. Minho said that at the time, all he heard in the radio broadcast was “calm down, calm down” and in the end, it took five minutes before Changmin’s voice could be heard again. He said, “I really thought Changmin hyung had laughed to death.”

Then came time to watch a video made by fans. Minho told Changmin to look forward to it. To this, Changmin’s response was “I am already really looking forward to it. I am looking forward to it so much that I feel like crying.” When Changmin saw clips of himself crying, he stated, “I look good even when crying.” The ending was a picture and on it was written “To: Shim Changmin. From: Changmin’s fans”.

When a Valentine’s Day tune came on within the clips, Changmin used his finger to portray the part of the rabbit. Minho asked, “Why did you do that?” To which a fan screamed, “It’s my birthday!” Changmin replied, “It’s not just you. Millions of people are also celebrating their birthdays”. When brought up again, Changmin then said, “Such a big crowd, I can’t see you.” The lights came on and Changmin told the fan who had a birthday that day to raise their hand. Changmin continued to make the rabbit sign with his hand several more times.

When it came time to cut the cake, Yunho brought the cake on stage. Minho jokingly said, “This one looks familiar. How about a self introduction?” Yunho then introduced himself and said, “This cake looks a lot like mine. But I assure you it’s not the same one!” Minhothen said, “You sure you didn’t just remove the top of the cake and replace it?” After saying this, Changmin attempted to remove the top of the cake and said that it was not removable. Minho allowed Yunho to say a few words to Changmin. Yunho held onto Changmin’s hand and started to say a huge speech. Changmin asked Yunho, “Must you keep holding onto my hand?” Yunho kept saying his speech and the two held hands till the end of Yunho’s speech. Fans then started to scream, “Bobo! Bobo! (kiss)” Changmin, somewhat embarrassed, replied, “I am a normal guy. Compared to guys, I like girls more. You have to understand the feelings of the one kissing me, Yunho and the one being kissed, me!” In the end they two didn’t kiss, but they did hug.

Changmin then spoke a few words to the fans and although he told the fans not to laugh because it was a serious moment, fans could not hold back their laughter upon hearing his request. Then a fan screamed, “Please move closer!” to which Changmin, wide-eyed replied, “You didn’t use honorifics!” However, Changmin, along with Minho and Yunho all pulled their chairs closer to the front of the stage.

When it came time to answer questions from fans, Changmin and Minho kept on talking and Yunho didn’t really have a chance to speak. Yunho finally couldn’t take it anymore and jokingly yelled at Changmin, “Hey! Look at me too!”. This caused an eruption of laughter from the fans. Then when it was time for Changmin to talk, Yunho was drinking water and even said to fans “You guys must focus!”. Changmin frustratedly said, “If you didn’t drink water they would focus their attention on me.”

One of the questions from fans was to act out parts from “Secret Garden”, in particular the part where there is receipt of the text message. However, the three expressed that they haven’t yet watched the drama. In the end, they instead acted out the lines of the host of Strong Heart saying “I’m busy! No! Go away!” Changmin then cutely said, “Didn’t get mad right?”

Speaking about acting cutely, Minho attested that he saw Changmin acting cutely when he was in the car. Whenever a car cuts him off or something similar, Changmin will get really angry. However he will calm himself down by talking to himself saying “Changmin-ah, You did very well. Don’t get mad hmm?”. Changmin did a live rendition of this and fans thought it was really cute.

The party then ended with a live performance of “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”. Right when it started, the dancers pushed Changmin out on the stage and also unbuttoned his shirt completely, exposing his chest and abs. However, when it was time for Yunho’s part, Changmin went backstage to button up.

Source+Picture: TVXQBaidu, Tudou, sharingyoochun
Posted by: Koreaboo