[Trans] U-Weekly Singapore Issue 312: TVXQ, Successful Comeback!

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TVXQ Will Not Reveal Their Love Relationships?

The highly popular five-membered idol group TVXQ who ever caused a whirlwind commotion in the music industry, returned at the beginning of this year as a duo after a two-years-three-months break. Though everyone were skeptical in the beginning on whether the duo of TVXQ were able to fulfill the emptiness left by the three members (JYJ), through the release of Japanese album TONE, their outstanding performances and singing skills were greatly applauded by fans. TVXQ as a duo, confirmed their successful return!

Safekeeping TVXQ’s Aura

Q: In the beginning of this year, you returned as a duo, the feelings must have been different. How was it then?

Changmin (CM): When we returned this year as a duo, I was rather happy and excited.

Yuhno (YH): Although we returned as a duo after a two-years-three-months break, many fans still came (to support us) and I became emotional all of a sudden. In order to bring upon an interesting performance, we went through intense rehearsals but I was down with flu in the end and wasn’t in my best state, thus was quite regrettable.

Q: In order to break from the TVXQ’s five-membered mode, you must have work very hard. What was the effort made?

YH: During the preparation for the album, it was to retain that epic aura of TVXQ. A vigorous performance was the feature of our live performances, thus this can’t be neglected. I tried adding in many changes in my treble singing and tried exchanging parts with Changmin when singing different song genres.

CM: As the two of us are representing TVXQ now, it indeed is quite a mental load. During our first stage, with regards to dancing skills, due to Yunho hyung’s impression of being full of vigor, I really do not wish the reviews on our performance to be negative due to me. (smiles)

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Cherishing The Complete Memories As Five

Q: The songs that were previously sung as five-membered, are now renditioned by only two. How was the feelings?

YH: No matter the debut stage back then or now, TVXQ is still TVXQ, thus it is not that weird singing the old songs. Although it is now sang by just the two of us, surely there are emotions involved… even so, these songs contains our memories. Be it the past, present or future, these songs are very precious to me.

CM: From the very beginning till now, and the future, we has always been TVXQ and it’s not gonna change. Even if (we) fails, it’s not regrettable at all.

Q: Regardless of TVXQ’s willingness, 2010 must be the toughest year for TVXQ right? However you two seems to be rather calm about the issue.

YH: During the two-years-three-months break, we have always been waiting for the three of them, but they did not return. Under such circumstances, I felt that there should be someone to stand out and protect TVXQ. TVXQ is owned by SM Entertainment, the five of us, together with the vast group of fans. We did not forget this. Thus although it’s just the two of us, we have to prepare activities seriously in order to protect TVXQ.

Q: With regards to JYJ’s issue with SM Entertainment, what are Yunho’s and Changmin’s standpoint on this?

YH: Please return quickly to TVXQ. We have been great collaboration in music. However there were conflict of values during the commencement of activities. To this, each of us are responsible for it. (T/N: The difference in values leading to dispute) But I don’t wish to relate it out here… I still wish them well in health.

CM: The dispute between us has transformed into various discussion topics for many people. It is due to these beautiful yet precious moments that TVXQ is existing. If were to deny these memories, it is as good as denying the existence of TVXQ. I do not wish those beautiful memories to be tainted.

Love And Marriage

Q: Are the two of you still single? If you are in a relationship, would you reveal it?

YH: I don’t have a girlfriend yet but if I were to be in love relationship, I don’t intend to reveal it. I think I will get married when I am 32 years old.

CM: I broke up with my girlfriend ten months ago. As I was busy with the activities overseas, there are basically no time for dating. I hope my future spouse to be less than 30 years old as it might be problematic for childbirth. Keke. (T/N: Not sure when was this interview held cause I vaguely remember CM mentioned about him “breaking up with girlfriend ten months ago” during this January’s comeback interview.)

Q: What type of girls do you like?

CM: Honestly, I especially like pretty girls but for a love interest, the character is definitely more important. I won’t consider the outlook only. I like girls who will considerately think for others, polite and know the basic rules of life. Although it seems simple, it’s rather difficult to find such a girl. Actually, I’m good with observing girls. Though I have yet to say this before, for example, if I observed 10 girls off-stage, I can see clearly who wears what and how their faces are. It’s clearer than what audience can imagined.

YH: I am the eldest son in the family and I have been making my own decision since young. That has became my habit. But I wish my future girlfriend can decide for me and provide me with suggestions. Surprisingly right? I think I have been outgoing and cheerful but probably it’s because I’m afraid of being lonely? Though I look strong on the outside, in fact, I hate being alone in the room. Especially when there’s nothing to do and I will be vexed and thus would exercise or make plans so that I won’t let time simply passes by. As I know of such weakness of mine, I would hint to myself to become stronger. Of course as a man, I have to be responsible but I think that as a couple, we should rely and respect each other, moving towards the same target. I hope I can become a good husband. Actually I quite like being clean and tidy. When I was living with members, I have to consider others’ habits and thus this trait of mine was not obviously displayed. But when I am out traveling with my friends, friends were shocked to see my tidy room. (laughs) If my future wife asked for my help, I would help with the housework, for example washing dishes… but not before she cooks for me. Keke.

Words To Fans….

U-Know Yunho: We will create a new history for TVXQ in the future and hopefully to create it with our other member of TVXQ, our fans. Every day is a new peak of life and “today” will not return. Thus we have to work even harder and not letting oneself to regret. I love everyone and has always been thankful to everyone.

Max Changmin: I really am thankful to everyone for such a passionate welcome for our comeback. As everyone is around, I am happy and received a lot of courage. When we returned to this stage, back as TVXQ, your every smiling faces shone us brighter on stage. Really am very thankful. In the future, we will work even harder.

source: U-Weekly Singapore
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


Cassiopeia screaming DBSK at MAMA 2011 [Cut]

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OMG Cassies!!! You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!! *group hug

[TVXQHOME] 261111 Yunho’s Cameo in ‘We Got Married’ Season 3 EP.110 Preview

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[TRANS] 291111 Shoujo Jidai, KARA Enter Kouhaku For First Time! Tohoshinki’s Third Appearance

On 28 November, it was revealed that three popular Korean groups have been unofficially confirmed for the “62nd NHK Kouhaku Utagassen.” They are Shoujo Jidai and KARA, who made their major debut in Japan last year, and Tohoshinki who restarted their activities in January this year. The two girl groups are appearing for the first time (in Kouhaku Utagassen.)  Each of these groups have topped the Oricon weekly rankings this year, and the “Korean Power” that has taken over the Japanese music industry has accomplished their entrance into the Kouhaku.

(Irrelevant Parts Omitted)

Also, Tohoshinki, who had two previous appearances, took the top spot with their single “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” which was released in January and with their unchanging popularity, after two years, have been unofficially confirmed for their first appearance after restarting activities.

With the strong Korean influence, young hallyu star Jang Geun Suk(24), male groups Supernova, 2PM and SHINee were also shortlisted, but in the end three groups are expected to be confirmed.

Source : [Sankei Sports]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

[TVXQHOME] 251111 Yunho’s Cameo in “Living In Chungdam-dong”

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(Starts at 1.45)  Credits: TVXQHOMETH

Anticipation has been rising for TVXQ member U-Know Yunho’s guest appearance in JTBC’s sitcom “Living in Cheongdam-dong.”

In the press conference held of “Living in Cheongdam-dong” on 25 November at 2pm, highlight videos of “Living in Cheongdam-dong” were revealed.

In this video, which included passionate acting from the “Nation’s Mother” Kim Hye Ja as well as Hyun Woo and Lee Sang Yup, U-Know Yunho made a sudden appearance, surprising those at the press conference.

In the sitcom, U-Know Yunho plays a Hallyu star who rents comic books without returning them, then goes into Kim Hye Ja’s comic book room without paying for the rental of space, resulting in his shaming that led to much laughter from the audience.

The director of “Living in Cheongdam-dong” said, “In the show, Kim Hye Ja runs a comic book room in Cheongdam-dong, and this is supposed to be a comic book room that is frequented by hallyu stars. In the future, more hallyu stars will be making surprise appearances, and I hope that you will look forward to it.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + OSEN via Nate]

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[TRANS] 211011 Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin

Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin – Question 2-

What word/phrase do you like?
Yunho : “To Believe”
Changmin : “Peace”
Source : [Bigeast Official Site]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

TVXQ~~ Winter Rose Preview!!

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Yunho asked the children “how old do i look?” the answer was 30/ 41, and he said “oh, i see” imitating Otaki Shuji’s (the old man in pic)


[TVXQHOME] 241111 C-JeS MANGO TREE PROJECT – English Version

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With Christmas coming soon, JYJ, Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan have participated in a “Plant 20,000 Mango Trees Of Hope In Sudan, Africa” project.

Recently, via the C-JeS website,  JYJ, Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan communicate that “For the children of Sudan, a country which has lost hope due to long periods of Civil War,  how about giving them a present of mango trees to provide them with food and shelter?”

This mango tree support is a project by World Vision in aid of children in Sudan, Africa. The artists of C-JeS will be participating in this project together with their fans at the end of the year, activity promoting with growing 20,000 mango trees as their goal.

Each sapling will require 10,000 won in support, and C-JeS will be sending those who support this project a message of thanks from the artists, as well as an autographed photo.

Aside from this, Song Ji Hyo said, “The children have been starving due to a long civil war in their country. We hope that these children can receive our “Mango Tree Santa” gifts. This year-end, It would be great if everyone could join this project with a warm heart. “

Also, JYJ said “We hope that, together with our fans who have been protecting and loving us, we will be able to create a forest of lush greenery. The lifespan of a mango tree is 100 years, and bears the significance of being together for a long time.” Park Yoohwan said, “The mango trees take 3 years to mature fully.”

JYJ, Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan also participated in the charity photoshoot for fashion magazine ELLE, and JYJ donated 200 million won to Thailand, which is suffering from one of the greatest floods in history.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ +  Wstarnews via Nate]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

[PROJECT] Meals from the Heart

PROJECT: Meals from the Heart

We have done multiple projects as the international fandom. Birthday projects, lightsticks project, charitable projects, you name it, we’ve all done it all for them.
However, OneTVXQ would now like to venture into an area of the Korean fan culture that the international fans have yet to achieve. We’re providing Yunho and Changmin and all the crew involved with 2 meals from the heart. 

Remember these amazing projects by fellow KCassies?
More here!

This is an ambitious endeavour funding for 2 meals, especially at such a short notice. But we’re not Cassiopeia, if we don’t do things on a large scale. So let’s show them the Cassiopeia power. That we’re capable of giving them motivation and cheer in the form of a meal, the very basic necessity. (Oh we’re sure Shim Changmean will love his food. :D)
We are looking at over SGD$1500. O! will be willing to fork out for at least half of it. However, we definitely can’t do it alone. This is where you come in. We have less than a week to the event, so really hope that everyone can donate as best as they can. Here’s to letting Yunho and Changmin feel welcomed on their first visit to Singapore!
From: Onetvxq

Changmin’s Paradise Ranch Premium Event 111119 Fan account

Fanaccount written by continuetvxq’s staff, Kotegashi :

When I reached the venue, there was a lot of fans there with their BE towels and I was surprised when I saw a mum fan, she brought her little kid and let her friend took care of him while she went to inside. Then the event started, they aired a short video in PR with ending is: “Where are you, Dongju…” (didn’t remember exactly) and we heard Changmin’s real answer: “Here”, fans went crazy and the light started looking for him. We all focused on the stage but he didn’t come out. Suddenly, he was out from backstage and walked in front of the stage, really near 1st row (I envy them TT______TT), and all of venue screamed, they stood up. Everyone shouted “Changmin ~ Changmin ~…” Even though when he stood on the stage already, every one refused to sit down. I was amazed. I thought: OMG, he is real, omg how it could be? He was too handsome and his smile was so beautiful. Because of my bad Japanese, I couldn’t understand most of the time but watching him was the best thing ever.

They started the talk and Changmin and YeonHee supposed to speak Korean so they had their own interpreter, fans around me said: He doesn’t need interpreter LOL. Sometimes, because Changmin understood MC’s question in Japanese so he accidentally spoke Japanese instead of Korean few times. He was really cute because of his mistake. He smiled shyly and I just loved the moment. They aired some parts of PR DVD and Changmin was shy when DongJu acting cute. Everyone screamed “Kawaii ~” and I couldn’t help but squeezing my hand together. He was so cute. After that, Yunho’s message was aired then everyone yelled: “Yunho ~ Yunho ~” I sat next to a Yunho’s fan and she went crazy haha. Changmin nodded like “Yeah, I know you love Yunho” LOL that’s cute ~ The video of Changmin’s dubbing was aired as well, he was really cute when he focused on the dubbing, he had to do it again and again TT___TT although I seriously think that he did great job already.

The talk part finished, YeonHee left the stage and only Changmin with the MC were on the stage. MC asked: Is it okay/good? Changmin’s answer: Yes, it’s good then the MC teased him: Why when YeonHee left, you feel good about it? (didn’t remember exactly ^_^), his expression was priceless when he realized that XD.

When it came to gift-giving part, Changmin picked randomly number of seat to give gift to the fans. They were so lucky. And the last poster was on the stage, Changmin signed it directly for fan, and fan yelled: “Heart ~ Draw heart ~” His expression was like: “I don’t want to” XD. But he drew it after all and colored it with his pen then teased the fan: “It’s” black heart (because his pen was black one LOL). When he announced the number of lucky fans, he teased us by saying: “six….teen….five…” with long pause (couldn’t remember exact number), I think fan in sixteen column (or row? I couldn’t remember haha) had heart-attack LOL, they screamed then waited nervously for his final announcement LOL. I wish he picked my number too TT_____TT but not at all ~ 2nd row’s fans were really lucky, they had 4 or 5 lucky fans, they were so near to him and got most of the gifts haha.

Changmin sang Confession, I couldn’t help crying, the fan next to me was crying during his song too. His voice was really sweet and I could feel his love pouring in the song. The whole venue fell silent to listen to his voice. I can’t describe my emotion TT___________TT. He was asked to say in Osaka dialect, his saying was really cute XDDDD. Then it ended. It feels like a dream to me, was so wonderful to be true. I wish it could be longer.

Today Changmin was so cute (did I mention that? LOL), YeonHee was nice too and BE was wonderful, they amazed me. I’m so happy ~

Sorry of my bad English and messy fan account ^_________^ I couldn’t organized the thought well because I was too emotional ~

Written by: CTVXQstaff_Kotegashi @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_Kotegashi @ ContinueTVXQ.com
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It’s ended! At the end, Changmin asked “Did you all have fun?” He was so cute ^^^^^^^^^*

Changmin said that yesterday, he returned hurriedly to his hotel, and he didn’t take a single step out of his room as he was watching a movie DVD while having a half-body bath ^^ hahaha. and he slept soundly for 10 hours! Because of that, his skin seems to be healthy ♪

The host said of Changmin’s everyday clothes (parka made of denim), “It seems like because you’ve worn it for a long time, it’s worn thin”. Changmin said that the clothes were bought only 2 weeks ago and that he usually doesn’t wear clothes which will attract attention. The host said, “But even so, you’re handsome”. Changmin said, “It’s too late.” (jokingly meaning the damage to his pride is done)

During the time when he was supposed to sing “Confession”, the stage was still dark. At the back end of the stage, there was a snapping sound which came out and I was thinking”What?!” It seemed like Changmin had stumbled? but then he sneakily came to the middle of the stage. Cute (p_q)

They were talking about Dong Joo’s immaturity and him being overly-emotional, and then the conversation turned to whether there were similarities between Dong Joo and him. The host asked, “Those traits, do they appear when you’re in Tohoshinki, for example like “Yunhooo!” (anger)?” Changmin replied, “Although it’s not in front of everybody, when there’s nobody else around, I have been like that (overly-emotional towards Yunho) before.”

Q: Since your role is one that is see-sawing between 2 women, what is Changmin-ssi’s type?
Changmin: Because I am greedy as a person, both are good/I like both of them, good.
Q: So, what if there were 3 of them?
Changmin: (in Japanese) As for that/to that extent… (smile)

Source: twitter + TVXQ Daum Telzone
Translated by : CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
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