[TRANS] Fanreports from TONE Kyocera Dome 120421- 120423

[120421 Kyocera Dome] During the talk—
CM: So-
CM: Kyocera Dome-
CM: As Tohoshinki-
CM: *points at everyone* BE QUIET!!!

[120421 Kyocera Dome] The day before the tour started, Changmin decided not to drink any more beer. Regardless, it seems he drank beer at each leg for their concerts. He said, “it’s something that supports me.” (≧∇≦)

[120421 Kyocera Dome] Moving towards a child in the stands—
YH: Kids are so cute. I’m Yunho~
Then he shook their hand. Yunho is so sweet (*´艸`*)

[120422 Kyocera Dome] Changmin bumped his head on the tram railing. He said, “ouch…….” ヽ(;▽;)ノ

[120422 Kyocera Dome] While moving backstage on the trams—
YH: Eh? Changmin, you’re moving faster than me?
CM: I’m not fast, Yunho’s just…
YH: I’m just slow.
CM: Exactly.

[120422 Kyocera Dome] CM: *fluently* Yokohama-Nagoya-Fukuoka-Sapporo-Niigata-Hiroshima-Fukui-Osaka-Saitama-Tokyo-and-now-Osaka!
YH: *amazed* OOOHHHH~~ ⊙△⊙
CM: Was that “OOOH” a “I-didn’t-think-you-could-do-it-OOOH”??? I’m not that stupid!
…..Changmin, you switched around Sapporo and Niigata…(o;TωT)o (≧∇≦);;;;

[120422 Kyocera Dome] At the end of “Easy Mind,” everyone always turns to the big screen to watch Yunho’s face as he tries to whistle. At that time, Changmin also turned to watch the big screen, and he laughed so hard his shoulders shook. It was so cute ❤

[120422 Kyocera Dome] When Changmin was in the middle of talking, yunho cut him off—
CM: ………….
YH: …Ah…..(゜Д゜) Sorry…
CM: You’ve become brazen, haven’t you?
YH: I’m sorry (゜▽゜;)

[120423 Kyocera Dome] YH: Let’s hear the voices of all the male fans~!
At that time, a female fan desperately raised her hand and screamed “I’M A FEMALE!!!” so Changmin got angry. (≧∇≦)
Lee Sooman stood up for them and shouted!! SM Family is so close ^^ You could see SM related people waving their penlights!

[120423 Kyocera Dome] CM: It’s everyone’s fault that our MC time has dragged on so long, so I think we’ll immediately move to the next song. Do you know what this is called? This is called suffering the consequences of your own actions. HA HA HA!!
Changmin is such a S. (≧∇≦)

[120423 Kyocera Dome] During the MC—
YH: Actually, I can’t hear anything right now because the balance in my earpiece is weird. But everyone, it’s alright, right?!
CM: Amazing. You couldn’t hear and you could sing so well? That’s amazing.
YH: Really? Well I was doing it while watching Changmin’s lips~

[120423 Kyocera Dome] B&L—
Changmin said that in order to save time, they should do a Hominho version at the same time!
This was the ultimate B&L. They approached each other at the same time while laughing “fufufufu” and then reached each other! Changmin had an unexpectedly sensual expression…(//∇//)
Changmin’s nose was very close to Yunho’s ear, and he even breathed into it! Yunho squeezed his eyes shut while gritting his teeth and didn’t say anything. Right before they separated, Changmin imitated a kiss to Yunho’s cheek!! Even as they were separating, Changmin’s eyes…(//∇//)
Pictoral evidence: http://i.imgur.com/eKDFQ.gif + http://i.imgur.com/3p8sT. sources: yukariichangmin + holovemin

[120423 Kyocera Dome] After the encore, Changmin and Yunho bowed 90 degrees in all directions, thanking the fans. In the end, they stood in the center of the stage with their hands joined and bowed their heads to the fans.
He didn’t cry, but Changmin’s eyes were clearly wet. Yunho also had a very sober expression at the time. It was incredibly moving, and we, as Tohoshinki fans, are the ones who are grateful for you.

[120423 Kyocera Dome] CM: Everyone, please support us forever. ^^
YH: Not just as Tohoshinki, but as a person, today was truly filled with happiness for me.
-Yokohama.Nagoya.Fukuoka.Sapporo.Niigata.Hiroshima.Fukui.Osaka.Saitama.Tokyo Dome.Kyocera Dome-
Tohoshinki, congratulations on finishing a wonderful tour. We will always support you! 。◕‿◕。

~Translated and shared by hominfatale~

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