[Trans] 120524 Post of JYJ Tweets

@6002theMicky: Rooftop Prince ended its run with an ending more beautiful than any other works..^^ I was really thankful for all the love you gave during this time. Thank you. Even if 300 years pass, I still love you~^^ Silly~~~~!!!

@6002theMicky: Lee Gak Park Ha~^^http://yfrog.com/kju22zqoj

@1215thexiahtic: Yoochunie you worked so hard during this time..^^ For the time being, please have a good rest…! Your Highness..;;

@1215thexiahtic: @poimin73 Thank you as always Hyung~^^

@6002theMicky: ^_______________________^ http://yfrog.com/od1hujij

@6002theMicky: @1215thexiahtic Thank you~^^ Do the tour well!! You are the best!!

@6002theMicky: Today’s filming ended too~^^!!! http://yfrog.com/esuiditj

@6002theMicky: Lee Gak, you’re the first drama character that I’ve ever looked forward to… I’ll miss you… Goodbye.

@6002theMicky: Ah!! And for a while I used to think “Gakie, you’re such a player”, I cancel that thought now. Cancel!!^^ Thank you~

@6002theMicky: @woosiq Never forget… http://yfrog.com/ocp9bbgoj

@6002theMicky: @jihye5555 ㅎㅎ You worked so hard too~^^ㅎㅎ Let’s get even more tired during the next piece of work^^

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[TRANS] 120515 Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin – #8

Question 8: Where would you like to go if you could go once?

Yunho : Space

Changmin : Champions League. I want to go see the final match.

Source: [Bigeast Official Site]
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[Pic] 120515 XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert Poster

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[Trans] 120514 Junsu’s signature for fans

To: My baby ❤

Really grateful for your unchanging love~^.^ Xia

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[TRANS] Fanreports from TONE Kyocera Dome 120421- 120423

[120421 Kyocera Dome] During the talk—
CM: So-
CM: Kyocera Dome-
CM: As Tohoshinki-
CM: *points at everyone* BE QUIET!!!

[120421 Kyocera Dome] The day before the tour started, Changmin decided not to drink any more beer. Regardless, it seems he drank beer at each leg for their concerts. He said, “it’s something that supports me.” (≧∇≦)

[120421 Kyocera Dome] Moving towards a child in the stands—
YH: Kids are so cute. I’m Yunho~
Then he shook their hand. Yunho is so sweet (*´艸`*)

[120422 Kyocera Dome] Changmin bumped his head on the tram railing. He said, “ouch…….” ヽ(;▽;)ノ

[120422 Kyocera Dome] While moving backstage on the trams—
YH: Eh? Changmin, you’re moving faster than me?
CM: I’m not fast, Yunho’s just…
YH: I’m just slow.
CM: Exactly.

[120422 Kyocera Dome] CM: *fluently* Yokohama-Nagoya-Fukuoka-Sapporo-Niigata-Hiroshima-Fukui-Osaka-Saitama-Tokyo-and-now-Osaka!
YH: *amazed* OOOHHHH~~ ⊙△⊙
CM: Was that “OOOH” a “I-didn’t-think-you-could-do-it-OOOH”??? I’m not that stupid!
…..Changmin, you switched around Sapporo and Niigata…(o;TωT)o (≧∇≦);;;;

[120422 Kyocera Dome] At the end of “Easy Mind,” everyone always turns to the big screen to watch Yunho’s face as he tries to whistle. At that time, Changmin also turned to watch the big screen, and he laughed so hard his shoulders shook. It was so cute ❤

[120422 Kyocera Dome] When Changmin was in the middle of talking, yunho cut him off—
CM: ………….
YH: …Ah…..(゜Д゜) Sorry…
CM: You’ve become brazen, haven’t you?
YH: I’m sorry (゜▽゜;)

[120423 Kyocera Dome] YH: Let’s hear the voices of all the male fans~!
At that time, a female fan desperately raised her hand and screamed “I’M A FEMALE!!!” so Changmin got angry. (≧∇≦)
Lee Sooman stood up for them and shouted!! SM Family is so close ^^ You could see SM related people waving their penlights!

[120423 Kyocera Dome] CM: It’s everyone’s fault that our MC time has dragged on so long, so I think we’ll immediately move to the next song. Do you know what this is called? This is called suffering the consequences of your own actions. HA HA HA!!
Changmin is such a S. (≧∇≦)

[120423 Kyocera Dome] During the MC—
YH: Actually, I can’t hear anything right now because the balance in my earpiece is weird. But everyone, it’s alright, right?!
CM: Amazing. You couldn’t hear and you could sing so well? That’s amazing.
YH: Really? Well I was doing it while watching Changmin’s lips~

[120423 Kyocera Dome] B&L—
Changmin said that in order to save time, they should do a Hominho version at the same time!
This was the ultimate B&L. They approached each other at the same time while laughing “fufufufu” and then reached each other! Changmin had an unexpectedly sensual expression…(//∇//)
Changmin’s nose was very close to Yunho’s ear, and he even breathed into it! Yunho squeezed his eyes shut while gritting his teeth and didn’t say anything. Right before they separated, Changmin imitated a kiss to Yunho’s cheek!! Even as they were separating, Changmin’s eyes…(//∇//)
Pictoral evidence: http://i.imgur.com/eKDFQ.gif + http://i.imgur.com/3p8sT. sources: yukariichangmin + holovemin

[120423 Kyocera Dome] After the encore, Changmin and Yunho bowed 90 degrees in all directions, thanking the fans. In the end, they stood in the center of the stage with their hands joined and bowed their heads to the fans.
He didn’t cry, but Changmin’s eyes were clearly wet. Yunho also had a very sober expression at the time. It was incredibly moving, and we, as Tohoshinki fans, are the ones who are grateful for you.

[120423 Kyocera Dome] CM: Everyone, please support us forever. ^^
YH: Not just as Tohoshinki, but as a person, today was truly filled with happiness for me.
-Yokohama.Nagoya.Fukuoka.Sapporo.Niigata.Hiroshima.Fukui.Osaka.Saitama.Tokyo Dome.Kyocera Dome-
Tohoshinki, congratulations on finishing a wonderful tour. We will always support you! 。◕‿◕。

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[NEWS] 120429 TVXQ’s Changmin describes his relationship with Yunho as “Love and War”

Hallyu superstars and 9 year K-pop veterans TVXQ recently sat down to describe their relationship with each other.

On the April 28th edition of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, Changmin explained, ‘We have been described as a married couple of 9 years, and if I think about it, we are like the drama ‘Love and War‘. Even though we are not man and woman, we have interchanging feelings of mortal hatred and love for each other. That is why I found ‘Love and War’ relatable as I was watching it.”

When member Yunho was asked what Changmin means to him, he replied, “He is like a house. A house that I can come back to no matter what happens.” When Changmin was asked what Yunho means to him, he cheekily replied, “Like ‘Love and War’.”

Here’s to many more years of ‘Love and War’ for the fantastic duo!

Source: Osen
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[Pic] 120416 JYJ Official Facebook Update

Junsu and Jaejoong @ Studio

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[TRANS] 120416 Jaejoong Twitter Update

@gentlechan Happy birthday! I meant to say this yesterday, but I’m late~

Junsu’s album, really.. I participated on this album by working on it together with Junsu and though I’ve seen through it until now, learning the melody and appreciating it.. there’s a reason why everyone gather their lips and talk [among themselves, saying] “that guy is, as expected, gifted~”

Info: Jaejoong & Heechul are following each other on twitter.

Source: Jaejoong’s Twitter
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[TRANS+PHOTO] 120416 BoA Twitter Update

Yundoli and Changdoli’s Tokyo Dome concert!! Face stamp, chop!! ^^ My swollen face and the two tall men ㅋㅋ I’ll do my makeup before coming next time ^^

Source: BoAkwon
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[TRANS] Fanreports from TONE Tokyo Dome 120415

[120415 Tokyo Dome] During the MC, Changmin kept saying over and over that he wanted to continue on to the next song. The whole audience rejected this idea but Changmin kept going, “Ha?” “Ah?” “What?” in quick succession once he heard protests. Changmin’s wit is sharp-tongued as always (>▽<)

[120415 Tokyo Dome] CM: Our boss said that since there are still teenagers in the audience, we shouldn’t talk about beer anymore, but honestly, I think there are plenty of people who secretly drink it.

YH: I think so too… but uh- that’s no good!
(>▽<) Delinquent Changmin and Diligent Yunho (>▽<)

[120415 Tokyo Dome] Still— Bigeast prepared a White Ocean. When he saw this, Yunho cried.
At that time, Changmin was incredibly calm, but above all else, what was most moving was the incredible kindness and warmth on his face as he looked at Yunho and the audience.

[120415 Tokyo Dome] Changmin’s eyes were also wet but he didn’t cry. He looked to Yunho with incredible kindness instead, taking over the MC, cutely making fun of Yunho’s tears.
The day has finally come for our crying leader to take a cue from the magnae. And they’re not just leader and magnae, they’re two people who fought against all the difficulties blocking their path, walking together to this day.

[120415 Tokyo Dome] Changmin said that it’s very rare to see Yunho cry so to see it is very precious. As he was crying, Yunho said, “this day is is incredibly meaningful to me. I am really so happy…thank you so much.”

[120415 Tokyo Dome] Many people had their heads lowered after Still in order to cry, Yunho included. While Yunho was crying, Changmin took great care of him, making jokes, doing the MC, saying all the things that Yunho wanted to say but couldn’t in that moment.

They match each other so well. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

[120415 Tokyo Dome] But the snark never really goes away! ;D
After Still, Changmin wet his index fingers with water and drew two lines down his face. He faced the camera and said, “I cried,” gently poking fun of Yunho and lightening the atmosphere. (^▽^)
Choikang Changmin until the end! (≧∇≦)

[120415 Tokyo Dome] “Please support Tohoshinki, please support the two of us.”
As Changmin asks, the first time he’s ever asked for this in a venue like Tokyo Dome, let’s continue to support Yunho and Changmin.

[120415 Tokyo Dome] White Ocean: http://i.imgur.com/65mAA.jpg + http://i.imgur.com/wazgS.jpg

On the second day of their live at TD, Bigeast decided to give Tohoshinki a surprise present by changing from their Red Ocean to a White Ocean during Tohoshinki’s new song, “Still.” 50,000 fans inside of Tokyo Dome gave them a White Ocean.

The two members of Tohoshinki were incredibly moved when they received their surprise present. Yunho was moved to tears and continuously bowed to the fans (one fan counted at least 6 bows, facing all directions), thanking them over and over in gratitude. Source: http://japanese.kpopstarz.com/articles/3360/20120415/tvxq-tokyo-white-surprise.htm

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