[TRANS] 261211 Person In Focus : Tohoshinki In AERA Magazine Part 2


Dressed in simple, casual T-shirt & jeans, boots and backpacks – the two appeared at the set for the photoshoot in very similar casual clothing. The difference was, Yunho held a book in his hand all the time, and did not put it down even when he went to the toilet. “Recently I like reading books, and my personality is such that once I start reading, I will want to read (the book) all the way to the end. As work keeps me busy, in order to soothe myself, I am reading (some) Korean essays.”

Self-control, that is precisely what has allowed Tohoshinki to achieve success in their works so far. Being able to do that, is Tohoshinki’s strength.

Thoughts That Cannot Be Put Into Words

Yunho, who says it is “unexpectedly embarassing”, has something that he always does before he stands on stage, since debut. That is, to shout “I am amazing”. “I want to become a king of the stage. I want to show everyone the energy I have.” He heads towards each stage telling himself that.

January 2011. Restarting activities at the Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, he shouted it all the same. His uneasiness did not disappear, but he said, “I thought (to myself) that given that we had not had activities for about a year, even if only a few fans were left, I had to give it my all”. However, the number of fans that waited for them was much more than they imagined. ” ‘Thank you’ is all I can say, but there are thoughts that these words cannot express”, said Yunho. Changmin too, held the same thoughts when the duo made their first live appearance. “Since (we were performing again) after a year, I was nervous, as expected.”

Both agreed that what kept them going during the time when their activites were put on hold was the fans. “The messages (that the fans) brought to the management company, of ‘Waiting for (Tohoshinki) to return soon’, allowed us to keep our determination to stand on stage strong. Through these messages, we could feel more tangibly that there were fans who were waiting for our return.” (Changmin)

These feelings of gratitude that could not be put into words are all contained in the album “Tone”, which was released in September. When singing “This is the place to return to” in the song “Weep”, Yunho, who “so far, hasn’t really cried”, says that he was almost brought to tears.

The year since they restarted activities began with a number 1 ranking on the Oricon charts, and (will) end with their appearance in the NHK Kohaku Utagassen for their 3rd time, 2 years since their last appearance. “Kohaku, was a stage we dreamed of since we were new artists. This time, it’s also a conclusion of the wait that everyone has had to go through, so I’m even happier”, said Yunho. Changmin also said, “To be able to stand on a stage as great as Kohaku this soon after we’ve restarted our activites, I truly am thankful.”

From Asia To Europe & America

For the two, who have outstanding talents in singing and dancing, it must not have been easy to achieve new successes while being in a difficult situation. The strong bond that has been forged since their debut was a big strength for them. Perhaps this can be viewed in the same way as the symbolism that “Kizuna (bond)” has due to the Tohoku Great Eathquake. (T/N: The Japanese people have placed great emphasis on “Kizuna(bond)” as a representation of the bonds between people that will help them tide through tough times.)

Their activities began in Asia, then spread to Europe, and now America. “I want to allow my singing and performance to mature, as Tohoshinki. I’d also like to grow as a person.” (Yunho) “In January, the long awaited tour will begin. Everyone, please look forward to it.” (Changmin)

Starting with Yokohama Arena, on 18 Jan 2012, Tohoshinki will soar higher in the upcoming year.

Source : [Yoonhostar + AERA]

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[TRANS] 261211 Person In Focus : Tohoshinki In AERA Magazine Part 1

“I want to learn how to cook. But the only thing I’ve ever made for Yunho is ramen.” (Changmin)

This is Changmin, who relieves stress by eating good food. A person who focuses on the basics, Changmin has the qualities of a good chef. Although according to Yunho, Changmin’s ramen seems to be “…”

It’s not just Japan and Korea. In Paris, fans who couldn’t get into the concert started a demonstration, and an extra concert was added. Even till now, they are supported passionately by their fans, with a  “Star” presence that hasn’t changed.

They were filled with nervousness during the shoot, but after it was over, Yunho ran up to one of the magazine staff members and said , “You look like Matsujun.”

He said that the staff member looked like Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun. Then, he said to the embarrassed staff member, “Because it’s my hobby to look out for lookalikes,” giving a carefree laugh.

With an overwhelming aura, yet occasionally showing a type of friendliness that makes them feel like they are within you reach. The combination of these two qualities make Tohoshinki, Yunho and Changmin’s true worth. But there are also points where the two men are in total contrast.

Oblivious of the intense performances on stage, Yunho is full of  cute actions. Changmin considers everything one by one and replies politely. For example, they were asked how they was able to answer in Japanese without the use of an interpreter in the midst of such a hard schedule, these were their answers.

“I watch anime, such as ‘Detective Conan,’’One Piece,’ and others.”(Yunho)

“I took the time, and studied everything properly starting from grammar.”(Changmin)

Even the places that they want to go in Japan are different. Yunho chose Hokkaido’s Niseko (T/N: One of Japan’s most famous Ski resort towns). As snowboarding is his hobby, he really wants to go there. Despite the persistent questioning, he said “Who with? Hoho..”and was thrown into a situation.

For Changmin, he searched on the internet for delicious shops that he was interested in and wanted to try going there. But regretfully, it is not so easy to just go to these places. Therefore, he would order from a popular curry shop where you can pick the spiciness of the food. He orders the “10 times”(spiciness level). “It’s good when you eat it while going ‘Hot!’” he said. The perfect style is achieved by maintenance, such as not consuming anything but water after 7pm.

Tohoshinki’s “true self” is a blend of different characters. In the opening of 2012, they will be doing nationwide lives at 9 locations in Japan, and we wonder what kind of blend they will show us.

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Source : [Yoonhostar + AERA]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net