[NEWS] JYJ’s Siblings Tweet about Sasaeng Fans and JYJ’s life

JYJ and Sasaeng fans” has become a hot topic on several websites recently.

JYJ are currently on tour in South America, during their press conference in Chile on the 8th of March they voiced out about the incident and gave a little explanation. As news keeps changing and more reports are made about these ‘sasaeng fans’, it seems it will be very hard to gain a full understanding of their feelings about this controversy.

However, their siblings who have been staying with them, stepped up and expressed how they feel regarding their sasaeng fans.

On March 9th, Jaejoong’s sister and Junsu’s brother Junho brought up this matter on their twitter accounts as well as showing their support for JYJ.


(Jaejoong’s sister and Junsu’s twin brother’s tweets regarding this issue)

Jaejoong’s sister Minkyeong :

This is the reason why celebrities get depressed and commit suicide! This is the reason why they become bi-polar or get depressed! I am past my 30’s yet when I get a little mad my anger will just build up~ They’re sasaeng yet I think they rather are Grim Reapers or stalkers! When I heard Jaejoong’s mention on Kakao Talk I was really surprised and my heart skipped a beat.

Even though there are so many words and expressions, why is it that Jaejoong’s has become the most frightening and depressing one?

Even three year olds are able to express themselves when they aren’t able to do what they wish to do. For the purpose of one’s self-fulfillment, they hurt others mentally (through the heart). They’re still children who were already mentally exhausted even without them! [sasaeng]. Even though I am next to him [not in a literal sense] there is nothing I can say or do to help him. I hate this sad reality! The world’s most depressing message. thought. expression from Jaejoong. […] However, there aren’t just sasaengs around Jaejoong.

I recall something he once said before, ‘I’ll sing even if there is just one person who will listen to my music and protect me’ Thus he is very thankful and is able to continue to sing. Right now Jaejoong is singing for those fans and is doing so happily. He isn’t singing for sasaengs, correct? No matter how hard it is and how much it has hurt, for those fans whom have been supporting him with smiles, even today they should be able to support/protect him.

Translator’s note: In the end, his sister says that though Jaejoong cannot sing in his own country, so long as he can sing anywhere for his fans is great. The fact that he did not give up being a singer makes her proud and she really enjoys listening to his songs.

Junsu’s brother Junho:

Seeing this problem from the perspective of fans, the reality of this problem is very disturbing. I think it would be correct in recognizing that these are not fans but stalkers. Criminals of life and death…the real words and facial expressions, actions and voices from the actual people are not included in this audio…This is the editing of a devil.

Before, when my brother came home for a holiday, I saw his face that was suffering from saesangs but I said that because they’re fans they will treat them (JYJ) well…until I went with him, after that I thought this was maddening…

They love their fans more than anything, and they’re so grateful to them…But because of sasaengs, this perversion (T/N:of the fan culture) is painful…Before, the fan culture was evolving into a beautiful entity. The fans that have their stars, and the stars that have their fans.

After this, I hope that there will be a change back into, or even, a more beautiful fan culture in the future.

Note: “Sasaeng” is the Korean term for fans who follow idols every day, even going so far as to break into their homes, steal their phones and Social Security numbers, and follow them in taxis or personal cars until all hours of the day. Sasaeng fans, also sometimes referred to as “privates,” are largely considered not to be true fans and are frowned upon by most fanclub members.

Tohohearts strongly discourages stalking and intrusion into their private lives.

Credits: GoKpop and @mk_taiji + @JUNO_Japan respectively
Translated by: Buniustyle of JYJ3 + @ayu3s
Shared by: JYJ3

[TRANS] 120309 Fan reports from TONE Fukui Concert

[120309 Fukui]

This is the first time they’ve had a Fukui con, so Yunho felt the need to introduce himself. “Hello, I’m Yunho, it’s nice to meet you.” Cute!

[120309 Fukui]

A fan had a picture of a crab on her uchiwa. When Changmin saw, he said, “crab, crab!” and made a peace sign with his fingers in order to imitate a crab pinching its claws!

[120309 Fukui]

During their MC—

CM: Please sit down. The ticket price includes intermission time and a seat for you to rest in so it’s better if you sit!
FANS: *don’t sit*
CM: There are still fans who aren’t sitting. Your feet will hurt~
FANS: *still don’t sit*
CM: =_= Fine, do what you want. Because I’m not going to keep standing!

[120309 Fukui]

B&L Segment—

Hominho versions yet again!
Version 1 YH: I’m coming slowly, so wait for me~ *does it as usual*
Version 2 Changmin called for Yunho to come closer, even beckoned with his hand, but Yunho refused no matter what! In the end, Changmin approached Yunho instead. Rather than the B&L being cute, it’s their personal dynamics of push and pull that are the most charming…<3

[120309 Fukui]

We are T!! Segment—
YH: It’d be cool if Changmin could do his solo for this…
CM: Okay, I can sing a little bit, but Yunho, please say the “We are” part (so fans can respond with “T!!”)
YH: *puts his hand out* It’ll cost 500yen
CM: I see, I’ll pay you in our dressing room

[120309 Fukui]

YH: There’s something I want to thank Changmin for today-
CM: *interrupts* Let’s talk about that in our dressing room
HOMIN: Fufufufu~
In the end, while laughing so secretively, they still didn’t continue with the talk. Wonder what Yunho was going to say…perhaps their manager appeared?

[120309 Fukui]
YH: How is the 2 member Tohoshinki? Will you support us?
The venue 100% filled with cheers and shouts of, “You’re just fine, we will support you!!”
In the end, Changmin said, “Bigeast, thank you!”

~Translated and shared by hominfatale~

[TRANS] 120307 Exclusive: JYJ Spoke with El Comercio.pe on Their Record Sales in Peru

The Korean K-Pop group never imagined that tickets for their show in our country would be sold out in a single day.

The news made its way to Korea. Junsu, Jaejoong and Yuchun of the group JYJ made history in Peru’s music events when tickets for their show in Lima sold out in just over half an hour. These three characters, which may not seem important if you are not an active follower of K-Pop, one of the most popular music genres in Asia, will arrive on Saturday to our capital, to the delight of the thousands of their fans from this part of the world. Without a single song on the radio or appearance on television, this trio is capable of unleashing more hysteria than Justin Bieber himself, something that surprised even the members, as we told Junsu, a member of the group, in an exclusive interview with elcomercio.pe.

Your visit to Lima will be remembered for its record sales. Did you expect that?

It was really unexpected. That is, we are from a country that is far away from yours and this will be our first time there. Obviously, we never imagined this would happen. It was a surprise to learn that we have followers here in South America and we are very grateful for that. I recently saw a TV show where they were interviewing our Peruvian fans. We were touched. We were really thankful for that. We know that it must not be easy being a fan of singers who is very far away.

Have you heard anything about Peru?

We have heard of a great civilization of people that is spread throughout South America and how the people are described as very happy, beautiful and passionate. Exotic dancing comes to mind.

It was to my knowledge that you were in Brazil for a while. What was your initial impression of out continent?

I felt the culture shock, but I liked it. The people know how to enjoy life and were very friendly. I am excited to return to South America. We know that there are wonderful countries there but unfortunately this time we would only visit two. Perhaps next year

Many girls had taken to learn Korean in order to understand your songs. Have you thought about returning the effort with a Spanish song?

We definitely have that thought. What we want for this world tour is to share emotions and feelings. Just as our fans, we are interested in their culture and language. If we have the opportunity to do so, we will. Now, truthfully, I do not think we are ready to do it well just yet.

You have recorded a number of songs in English. How important is the US market to you?

We do not want to enter the US market. What I mean is, when we think of the US market, we think of the fans we have there and the great artists there. What’s important to us is not the market, we only think about the capability for us to create wonderful material and how much we could learn from that country.

Did you expected to be as successful as JYJ when you separated from the TVXQ?

I think it would be more appropriate to say we separated with the company we were with at the time. TVXQ as five members will always be significant to us. When we parted with the company as I told you before, we thought we were over (T/N: Their career). Fortunately it did not turn out that way. There were many people who kept their love for the three of us and were waiting for our return. It was these people that motivated us to create better music and better songs to return again

Are you working on new materials?

We will be releasing a new English album in the second half of this year which is followed up by a new world tour. The shows will take on a different concept from this tour. Also, each of us has different individual activities: Yoochun has been filming for a TV series as “Crown Prince of Rooftop House”, Jaejoong was casted for an MBC series and I’ve been in a musical.

Have you thought about moving that individuality, that is, towards a solo music careers? For now, we only have plans as JYJ.
Note: Interview seem to be with only Junsu

Source: elcomercio.pe
Translated by: LilyAzne125
Shared by: DBSKnights

[ENG] 111209 TVXQ- Shanghai fan party [Talk part] 1of2

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[Eng Sub/Fancam] JYJ Lotte Fanmeet 120114 -Talk Pt.2

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[Eng Sub/Fancam] JYJ Lotte Fanmeet 120114 -Talk Pt.3

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[Eng Sub/Fancam] JYJ Lotte Fanmeet 120114 -Talk Pt.1

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120118 Tone Tour in Yokohama Arena Talk [Engsub]

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[ENG SUB] TVXQ on Channel [V] Taiwan JK Star Interview Part 2

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