[TRANS] 120120 TONE Concert Yokohama (Jan 19) Various Staff & Fans’ Tweets

[Shinjiroh Inoue tweets] (cr:shinjiroh_inoue) (Jan 18) Starting today is the TONE tour. I will not go until Saitama (T/N: March), but those who are going, please enjoy yourselves~^^

(cr:tomori_chan) https://twitter.com/…4220032/photo/1 how many are standing in line? OMG~

(cr:nachun10) So many people(;o;`) can i buy the goodies? worrying.. http://bit.ly/yIuKzT

[TONE Stage Director] (cr:mal_san) the second day. http://twitpic.com/891jj4

(cr:ohineri2) http://p.twipple.jp/64366 my seat in is the very middle!

(cr:soratomax) the pole that changmin is going to come down is right in front of me! OMG (≧皿≦)

(my tweet) the poles are located on the right and left of the main stage. sometimes the 2 go up to the ceiling on the cages, and slip down the poles

(cr:ohineri2) the girls are so pretty in the red T shirts.

(cr:tomori_chan) http://twitter.com/t…5911552/photo/1 I’m in the standing section, but my position is quite nice♪

(cr:tomori_chan) today’s concert finished…

(cr:max_uknow) For those who are going to the concert, the venue is so livened up, the tour T shirts are just the right clothes inside the venue xD

(cr:comocomo_810) Yunho’s bows beautifully, just the right 90 degrees. All the time he bows, it’s always the beautiful 90 degrees

(cr:yoosu_richa) I said in a big voice as I can to the two members, “Welcome back” and “Arigato”. I said “Welcome back” when the people around me was quiet, so Changmin seemed to have heard my voice and looked in my direction, my sister is sayiing. I think it is just our imagination.

(cr:pipipi1104) Since I was sitting in the very rear seat in the center, I thought I won’t be able to see much of the stage. But the construction and direction was considered deeply, so even though we were sitting far away or in the 2nd/3rd floor, we were able to enjoy the stage(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Thank you!

(cr:soratomax) I heard that Yunho hyung’s sofa chair during Honey Funny bunny had many wheels on it, so I checked it out. There was a total of 8 wheels ← unimportant info xDDD

(cr:soratomax) During easymind, Yunho was dancing a queer dance. He seems to like the dance xDD When he came back to the main stage, Changmin glanced at the dance, but didn’t imitate it. Changmin, you should dance together with your hyung xDDD

(cr:yoosu_richa) My seat was very near the center stage and passageway, I could watch Yunho’s and Changmin’s expression with my own eyes. They are too handome. Yunho was super cute, and Changmin was the black humored Changmin again today. Yunho’s smile helps us fans, and Changmin’s black humor will give us smiles.

(cr:mamixchangmin) Changmin said to a yawning middle aged woman, “You’re a little bit older~, so you should get sleepy~!” Yunho hit Changmin’s head hard like Hama-chan (T/N: Comedian Hamada of Downtown) ! xDD

(cr:tomori_chan) In the Toyoko Line which I rode from Kikuna. Standing next to me was an elderly woman, holding just a small handbag in her hand. She softly took out from her bag, the silver tape which was fluttering about in the venue. She was happily looking at the tape, and again, put it softly back into her bag. I don’t know the reason, but it made me happy, too.

(cr:tomori_chan) YH “Please support Tohoshinki from now on, too!” Of course we will..even if you say no thanks, I’ll cling to you and woudn’t go away…

(cr:tomori_chan) I love the T shirts that the two were wearing today ☆ I want the T shirt in that color♪ For the rhinestones, I’ll put it myself xD

(cr: comocomo_810) Silver tape CM “Let’s spend the happy time together in the future, too! ” http://yfrog.com/oeb8xvmj

(cr: comocomo_810) Silver tape YH “Thanks everyone for enjoying (the concert) ~❤” http://yfrog.com/ocu4uij

(cr:TVyunhoXQ) http://p.twipple.jp/7N944glittering tapes (with Yunho & Changmin’s message) came fluttering down, got them ☆*:..。.:*☆

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[TRANS] 120114 Various Fans’ Tweets about JYJ Lotte Fan Meeting

T/N: The tweets may not be in the order of the fan meeting. I just translated what came up on my TL.

(cr:jijiyoyo1) Yoochun’s present is a jacket, Jaejoong’s is a bracelet, and Junsu’s is a sweater.

(cr:stjeje) During the present time, Jaejoong’s present was a bracelet. but it was not the one that he was wearing, so there was booing from the audience. Then he suddenly added the one he was wearing^^

(cr:ryoJJ) When Junsu was to announce the winner, the area was seven. Yoochun asked Junsu, “How do you say that in English?”, Junsu answered “nana? (T/N: Japanese for seven)” xDDD

(cr:stjeje) During the time the winners were to come up stage, the 3 were dancing cutely^^

(cr:stjeje) as a surprise present from Yoochun, we celebrated Jaejoong’s and Junsu’s birthday~! The two blew out the candles♪( ´▽`)

(cr:stjeje) from Jaejoong’s solo to Junsu’s solo, it is just the same as Hitachinaka, my tears are overflowing(T_T)

(cr:stjeje) Yoochun sang the Miss Ripley song! It is the first time I hear the song live ♪( ´▽`)

(cr:stjeje) To the fan who was crying since she got Jaejoong’s present, Jaejoong drew close to her saying “Why are you crying? Why are you screaming?” The fan stepped back^^ Then Jaejoong followed her, drawing closer… super envy ~(´Д` )

(cr:jijiyoyo1) Yoochun’s goal for this year is to be in the 1st place in the Oricon chart!! Jun-chan is saying he wants to release a single album in Japan.

(cr:jijiyoyo1) Jaejoong seems to have met with Jisung-san for more than 10 times after the drama finished. Yoochun is being jealous xD

(cr:shachong) a letter from the 3 members

(cr:stjeje) Jaejoong read the letter he wrote to the fans(T_T) It was in Korean…oh, there were subs on the screen.

(cr:jijiyoyo1) A Japanese song by a capella!!

(cr:jijiyoyo1) Itsudatte kimini~~~~ dirty jokes, too.

(cr:shachong) Kimidakeni aitakattayo~♪

(cr:shachong) Hug and photo shooting! Since only 3 are too few, there will be 6 lucky fans xD We all called out “with everyone!!” xD

(cr:stjeje) not only hugging the fan, but Yoochun held her up in his arms! (◎_◎)

(cr:stjeje) Jaejoong tightly hugged the fan from the back (T_T)(T_T)(T_T)

(cr:shachong) Jaejoong was looking sideways during the photo time with Yoochun’s fans xDD

(cr:shachong) We don’t want to say Sayonara, lets meet again. by Jaejoong

(cr:tamabom) YC: We want to be number 1 in the oricon chart! JS: We want to sing Japanese songs in Japan.

(cr: tamabom) And Jaejoong, too(T_T) I want to sing Japanese songs in Japan as a regular artist does… how long will everyone wait for us….

(cr:tamabom) “Forever! Forever! We will wait forever!” those kinds of screams filled the audience・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

(cr:tamabom) The 3 members summarized their thoughts into a letter, and Jaejoong read them for us in Korean. The subs were on screen.. everyone was crying 。 ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

(cr:tamabom) They sang us a little bit of “W” and “Itsudattekimini”

(cr:stjeje) So it is over. Jaejoong said that he didn’t want to say Sayonara (T_T) Now I’m dazed…

(cr:tamabom) JS “I remembered my feelings when we sang W (T/N: 2 years ago) just know, it is heartrending… but now with a different feeling from that time… (Junsu was thinking for a while), it is not a problem with my Japanese , but I do not know how to express my feelings in words…it is very difficult…”

(cr:1226jxn) A picture with Jaejoong, a fan sitting nearby was a winner! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 super envy 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 http://pic.twitter.com/98P1FAjj

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