[NEWS] 120516 Official poster for drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ released

The official poster for MBC‘s upcoming drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘ has been released!

‘Dr. Jin’, featuring Lee Bum Soo, Song Seung Hun, Kim Jaejoong, Park Min Young, and Lee So Yeon, is a period drama that tells the story of a top modern day physician who returns to the Joseon era to practice medicine.

Song Seung Hun will play the role of a doctor, Jin Hyuk, for the first time since his debut, while Lee Bum Soo will take on the part of friend Lee Ha Eung. Kim Kyung Tak is played by Kim Jaejoong. ’Dr. Jin’ is Jaejoong’s first attempt in a period drama. Despite being well-known as an idol, people are commenting that he looks quite good in the historical costume. The two female protagonists are Park Min Young, who plays Hong Young Rae, and Lee So Yeon, who plays the character of Chun Hong.

A representative from ‘Dr. Jin’ stated, “[All the actors] play roles that fit them perfectly and each other, which will become the driving force of the richness of the drama of ‘Dr. Jin’.” He went on, “In order to make a project that will stay in the memories of viewers as having a fun, warm impression, the entire staff and all the actors are in the midst of trying our best. Please have continued interest in ‘Dr. Jin’, which is planned to have its first broadcast on the 26th.”

The original idea behind ‘Dr. Jin’ comes from the 10-year-old Japanese serial comic by Murakami Motoka. The first broadcast will be on MBC at 9:55pm on May 26 KST.

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[Pic] 120416 JYJ Official Facebook Update

Junsu and Jaejoong @ Studio

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[TRANS] 120416 Jaejoong Twitter Update

@gentlechan Happy birthday! I meant to say this yesterday, but I’m late~

Junsu’s album, really.. I participated on this album by working on it together with Junsu and though I’ve seen through it until now, learning the melody and appreciating it.. there’s a reason why everyone gather their lips and talk [among themselves, saying] “that guy is, as expected, gifted~”

Info: Jaejoong & Heechul are following each other on twitter.

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[Trans] 120207 President Lee Myung Bak Introduced JYJ Kim Jaejoong To The Turkish Youth

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On the 6th (local time), when President Lee Myung Bak was interacting with the students majoring in Korean language at Ankara University and enthusiasts of Hallyu wave, he surprisingly introduced JYJ member Kim Jaejoong to them.

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[Trans] 120131 Jaejoong Tweets

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Lift you’re head as much as you’re sorry. Run hard.

A lot of tears are falling~ falling hard.

Large snowflakes are falling hard.

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[TRANS] 120126 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Aww…Such sweet friends~
(Jaejoong, 8:14pm KST) Keisuke, Taiji, Hiromitsu and Fuku-chan, who came all the way to Korea for a friend, Thank you (^-^)

Happy birthday kiddo♥
(Jaejoong, 8:16pm KST) Happy Lunar New Year everyone, I hope that all bad things disappear after this moment and I hope we’ll all be happy. Thank you for the birthday wishes!
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[TRANS] 111211 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, China Solo Fan Meeting Concludes Successfully! 1,000 Fans Show Their Support Outside The Location

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has once again displayed his long-standing popularity.

On 10 December, Kim Jaejoong held his solo fan meeting at the Shanghai International Gymnastics Center. This fan meeting was organized to thank the fans for their show of love for the SBS drama “Protect the Boss,” and all 4,000 seats for this event were snapped up once ticketing opened, showing the high interest level for this event.

Kim Jaejoong arrived in China via Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport, and made formal preparations for his fan meeting. This day, over 1,000 fans were gathered to welcome him at the airport, and on the day of the fan meeting itself, not only the 4,000 ticket holders, but about 1,000 fans who were unable to purchase tickets were gathered outside the event location to show their support, and his (Jaejoong’s) popularity could be visibly felt.

At the fan meeting. Kim Jaejoong revealed the behind-the-scene episodes that happened during his appearance in “Protect the Boss,” and also sang the drama OST song that he wrote, “I’ll Protect You.” Aside from this, there was a question and answer session where he selected and replied to questions that had been hand-written by the fans, and he personally made phone calls to fans which were selected by ballot. He also played “cham cham cham” at the event, with all games receiving a great response from the fans.

He said, “I know that there are many people who support me in China. I know that I can’t come here very often, and this is something that I always feel sorry about. However, having come here after a long while, I’m really thankful for the unchanging, passionate love that I have been given. In the future, I will work hard to become an even better actor, and a more charming singer.”

Management company C-JeS said, “Due to Kim Jaejoong’s popularity, “Protect the Boss” has done shockingly well in terms of overseas sales. Aside from China, many other parts of the world have been requesting for interviews and promotional activities.”

The organizer of this fanmeeting said, “Chinese fans did not watch the local broadcast (of “Protect the Boss”) but watched the drama online using SBS’s real time stream, their passion (for the show) evident. Prior to this, Kim Jaejoong was already very popular, and with the charm of his role as “Cha Mu Won,” his popularity exploded. We were surprised that over 1,000 fans who weren’t able to purchase tickets stood outside the location in the freezing cold to show their support.”

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[Twitter] 151111 Jaejoong’s updates




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[TRANS] 260211 The Back Story of Jaejoong’s Tweet


[Jaejoong @mjjeje] (this) brings back memories

[Back story]

T/N: From the internet FM radio, “Inter FM, KOREA ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL K GENERATION, Mar 25, 2007″.

Junsu: Hello everyone
ALL: We are Tohoshinki!
Jaejoong: We want to play outdoors in this season, don’t you think so?
Changmin: Yes, we really want to play outside.
Jaejoong: We will tell you about the places we recommend in Tokyo and Korea.
Junsu: Ohhhhh, YES!
Changmin: About Tokyo, maybe the listeners should know better than us, but, we want to recommend,
Junsu: Yes
Changmin: Where is the place?
Junsu: Meguro-gawa (T/N: Meguro River)
Yunho: There are many Sakura (cherry blossom) trees around Meguro-gawa, and it is a very beautiful place.
Jaejoong, Tohoshinki, Tohoshinki has gone there, too!
Changmin: We went there when we first came to Japan..
Jaejoong: Two years ago.
Changmin: We went there, the scenery was so beautiful,
Yunho: Yes, it was really beautiful.
Jaejoong: So, we would like to recommend a place in Korea…
Yunho: Yeah!
Yoochun: I want to go there again this year!
Yunho: Let’s go there if we have time.
Junsu: Yes, lets go!
Jaejoong: So, can we move on to the next place we recommend?

(other sentences omitted)

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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 251011 Jaejoong’s Twitter Updates

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Find JJ ^^

This is known as a set up shot

This is called a background group shot

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