[TVXQHOME] 111211 TVXQ HoMin Taiwan Fan Party News on ETTV

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Translations: The reporter was saying that it has been three years since TVXQ has been in Taiwan, but their popularity is still overwhelming. And though the number of members has been reduced from five to two, TVXQ is working even harder, having two fanmeets there as well as speaking to fans in Chinese. The highlight of the show was TVXQ shaking their own bubble teas (a famous local drink). Yunho spilled some of the tea onto the both of them, leading to a surge of excited screams from fans >.< Ending off, the reporter said that fans were completely mesmerized by TVXQ.

Credits: Ying5387D, Yunmoon
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111211 允浩昌珉帥氣Pose – 東方神起亞巡FAN PARTY台灣站

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111211 允浩昌珉帥氣Pose – 東方神起亞巡FAN PARTY台灣站, posted with vodpod

Translations: This was at their Taiwan fan party stop on the 11 dec. The host was asking them to make some striking poses. They were pretty embarassed about it at a part, which was really cute!!~~