[TRANS+PHOTO] 120416 BoA Twitter Update

Yundoli and Changdoli’s Tokyo Dome concert!! Face stamp, chop!! ^^ My swollen face and the two tall men ㅋㅋ I’ll do my makeup before coming next time ^^

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[TRANS] Fanreports from TONE Tokyo Dome 120415

[120415 Tokyo Dome] During the MC, Changmin kept saying over and over that he wanted to continue on to the next song. The whole audience rejected this idea but Changmin kept going, “Ha?” “Ah?” “What?” in quick succession once he heard protests. Changmin’s wit is sharp-tongued as always (>▽<)

[120415 Tokyo Dome] CM: Our boss said that since there are still teenagers in the audience, we shouldn’t talk about beer anymore, but honestly, I think there are plenty of people who secretly drink it.

YH: I think so too… but uh- that’s no good!
(>▽<) Delinquent Changmin and Diligent Yunho (>▽<)

[120415 Tokyo Dome] Still— Bigeast prepared a White Ocean. When he saw this, Yunho cried.
At that time, Changmin was incredibly calm, but above all else, what was most moving was the incredible kindness and warmth on his face as he looked at Yunho and the audience.

[120415 Tokyo Dome] Changmin’s eyes were also wet but he didn’t cry. He looked to Yunho with incredible kindness instead, taking over the MC, cutely making fun of Yunho’s tears.
The day has finally come for our crying leader to take a cue from the magnae. And they’re not just leader and magnae, they’re two people who fought against all the difficulties blocking their path, walking together to this day.

[120415 Tokyo Dome] Changmin said that it’s very rare to see Yunho cry so to see it is very precious. As he was crying, Yunho said, “this day is is incredibly meaningful to me. I am really so happy…thank you so much.”

[120415 Tokyo Dome] Many people had their heads lowered after Still in order to cry, Yunho included. While Yunho was crying, Changmin took great care of him, making jokes, doing the MC, saying all the things that Yunho wanted to say but couldn’t in that moment.

They match each other so well. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

[120415 Tokyo Dome] But the snark never really goes away! ;D
After Still, Changmin wet his index fingers with water and drew two lines down his face. He faced the camera and said, “I cried,” gently poking fun of Yunho and lightening the atmosphere. (^▽^)
Choikang Changmin until the end! (≧∇≦)

[120415 Tokyo Dome] “Please support Tohoshinki, please support the two of us.”
As Changmin asks, the first time he’s ever asked for this in a venue like Tokyo Dome, let’s continue to support Yunho and Changmin.

[120415 Tokyo Dome] White Ocean: http://i.imgur.com/65mAA.jpg + http://i.imgur.com/wazgS.jpg

On the second day of their live at TD, Bigeast decided to give Tohoshinki a surprise present by changing from their Red Ocean to a White Ocean during Tohoshinki’s new song, “Still.” 50,000 fans inside of Tokyo Dome gave them a White Ocean.

The two members of Tohoshinki were incredibly moved when they received their surprise present. Yunho was moved to tears and continuously bowed to the fans (one fan counted at least 6 bows, facing all directions), thanking them over and over in gratitude. Source: http://japanese.kpopstarz.com/articles/3360/20120415/tvxq-tokyo-white-surprise.htm

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2012.04.14 Red Ocean Tokyo Dome

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2012.04.14 Red Ocean Tokyo Dome, posted with vodpod
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120415 White Ocean in Tokyo Dome 2nd day

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120415 White Ocean in Tokyo Dome 2nd day, posted with vodpod
Stunning White Ocean by Bigeast for our precious duo ❤
We are “T” !!
Thank you Bigeast!!!
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[TRANS] Fanreports from TONE Tokyo Dome 120414

[120414 Tokyo Dome] YH: Okay~ *randomly makes a circle with his arms and continues to talk*
CM: (´・_・`)… *dumbfounded*
YH: What’s wrong??
CM: No, nothing. *snark* I was thinking, “oh, it’s time to suddenly start doing weird things.”

[120414 Tokyo Dome] Changmin was just starting to talk about moving on to B&L when…

YH: It’s fine if we don’t do that, right?
CM: Yunho, your other gag (sugi-chan) was good…but I think this one (B&L) is really good.
YH: Then shall well?

Changmin, who tempted him…;)

[120414 Tokyo Dome] B&L— Yunho to Changmin. Yunho embraced around Changmin’s shoulders

[120414 Tokyo Dome] During “We are!!”—
Yunho kept saying, “Chopper is my favorite! Chopper is my favorite!” (from One Piece) And then, “But I like Luffy just a bit more!”
Doesn’t that make Chopper your second favorite, Yunho?
Then, he immediately started playing gomu-gomu pistol (one of Luffy’s attacks) with the audience 3 times in a row! He was like a cute kid ❤

[120414 Tokyo Dome] Changmin often talked about topics concerning his mom! He seemed extremely happy when he got to talk about her. And of course, both of Yunho’s parents came today as well!

[120414 Tokyo Dome] YH: Changmin’s really nice today, right?!
CM: More than the character I’m known for, I have a mild kindness.
YH: (´・_・`)………..Okaaay! Sure!

[120414 Tokyo Dome] YH: We have a new announcement! We will be having a fanclub event!
CM: Fans who are planning to come, please go home and check details on your own.
Oh Changmin…as S as ever (>y<)

[120414 Tokyo Dome] YH: When this tour first began, we were nervous and uncertain, but now, that uncertainty is gone thanks to the support and encouragement that all the fans have given us~! I think Tokyo Dome is a place where we can show you our feelings of gratitude. Thank you for waiting for us for such a long time~!
Changmin’s mom and Yunho’s parents must have been so proud to watch them on the stage again, doing what they love to do. o((*^▽^*))o

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[TRANS] 120414 Bigeast Staff Report : Tokyo Dome First Day

Today was the first day of the Tokyo Dome performance for “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012~TONE~”! It has been 3 years since they have performed here as Tohoshinki! They were conscientious, even in their dance rehearsals.

And they are pumping up for the actual show. As usual, everyone forms a circle, and promises to make today’s stage a success!


The team came together and challenged the first day of the Dome performance, which had power and great things (laughs)as well, and it was an enjoyable and great live! Everyone who came despite the bad weather, thank you very much!

At the fanclub booth, we had the venue-exclusive refer-a-friend campaign going on! As you can get a postcard that was hand-autographed by the members, please come to the booth for this chance.


Also, we announced the fanclub event today! As this is an event that we can have fun at with everyone, please enjoy it♪

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]

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