[TRANS] Tohoshinki「LIVE TOUR 2012~TONE~」LIVE DVD & Blu-ray To Be Released on July 25th

 Greetings to everyone at Bigeast♪

Their first dance track in about a year!! On 11 July, the new single “ANDROID” and on 25 July, the Live DVD and Blu-ray for the “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~” which saw a total nationwide audience of 550,000 people, where the members cried, will be released!!

2012.7.25 On Sale LIVE DVD『Title Undecided』

■ 3 DVD Set 【First press pre-order only edition AVBK-79089】

2012.04.15(Sun.) Tokyo Dome performance

● B.U.T
● Superstar
● I Think U Know
● Mirotic
● Toki wo Tomete
● Thank you my girl
● Honey Funny Bunny
● Before U Go
● Duet
● I Don’t Know
● Telephone
● Shiawase iro no Hana
● Back to Tomorrow
● Rusty Nail
● Easy Mind
● We Are!
● Summer Dream
● High Time
● Why?(Keep Your Head Down)
● Weep
● Somebody To Love Approximately 130 mins

2012.03.18 Saitama Super Arena Performance Digest
Offshot Movie
Approximately 60 mins

【Bigeast Exclusive Goods】
Staff Pass Replica x 1
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※ The premium for the 【3 Set DVD】 【2 set DVD】 and 【Blu-ray】are the same.

■ DVD 2 Set DVD 【Normal Edition AVBK-79092】

2012.04.15(Sun.) Tokyo Dome Performance
Approximately 130 mins

【Bigeast Exclusive Goods】

Staff Pass Replica x 1
※This is an item from the Bigeast Official Shop (Members only)
※ The premium for the 【3 Set DVD】 【2 set DVD】 and 【Blu-ray】are the same.

■ Blu-ray 【AVXK-79094】

2012.04.15(Sun.) Tokyo Dome Performance
Approximately 130 mins

【Bigeast Exclusive Goods】

Staff Pass Replica x 1
※This is an item from the Bigeast Official Shop (Members only)
※ The premium for the 【3 Set DVD】 【2 set DVD】 and 【Blu-ray】are the same.

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[Trans] 120130 Tohoshinki’s Yokohama Arena Live – Huge Popularity, Even “Restricted View Seats” At 8,500 Yen Sold Out Immediately

“Ever since restarting their activities in January last year, we have always wanted to do their own solo live tour. We wanted to show our thankful feelings to those who gave us their support even when we couldn’t do activities as Tohoshinki, so we worked really hard in preparation for this tour.”

On 18-19 January, Tohoshinki started their largest tour in Tohoshinki history, the “Tohoshinki Live Tour  2012 ~TONE~”. With 24 performances at 11 location, it is expected to attract a total audience of 450,000 people.

It has been 3 years since their last solo tour. For Yunho (25) and Changmin (23) , this is the first time they are doing a tour as two. And Yunho spoke about these thoughts during the opening MC.

The location was covered in red penlights, from the seats in the stands that extended to the ceiling.

“Tickets this time were hard to obtain, even for fanclub members. Although a ballot was held after submitting their entries, they mostly couldn’t get tickets (weak laugh). Eventually, just before the concerts, not only “standing seats” but also “restricted view” and “restricted experience” seats were sold.”

Often unheard of, avex explains what these “restricted view seats” (8,500 yen) and “restricted experience seats” (8,000 yen) are, on their website, explicitly stating that they are “Seats where members cannot be seen during the performance and videos, and ‘restricted experience seats’ are seats at the ends of the stage, where there is a high chance that you cannot see videos as well as the main stage performances.”

However, this was still great news for fans who “want to see the movements of the two people,” and those seats were completely sold out as well.

Ms A, (45 years old, housewife) who was actually sitting at the restricted view seat, testified that, “Although there were stage equipment placed nearly, but actually compared to those at the back of the arena, and those at the 2nd and 3rd levels of the stands, I think we probably had a better view. I don’t really know why such good seats were considered as restricted view seats.” Also, Ms B (48 years old, office worker) who sat at the “restricted experience seats” said, “For the performance at the hanamichi(t/n: the part of the stage that extends into the audiences’ seats) and the main stage, I could only see the backs of Yunho and Changmin. But as the two members walked in and out from the ends of the stage very often, the view then was so clear that we could even see the sweat on their faces. “ (Josei Seven, 9 February Issue)

Source : [News Post Seven]
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[TRANS] 120127 TONE Concert, Nagoya (Jan 26) Various Staff & Fans’ Tweets

(cr:KACHIKAJA_BWY) Our banner! http://twitpic.com/8bsw4p

(cr:TVyunhoXQ) summaries of the goodies booth (for normal seats) Sales started 10 min earlier than scheduled, from 14:20-. Before 15:00, the stole, pouch, and mini tote bag was sold out. By 15:30, the ball point pen and truck was sold out.

(cr:TVyunhoXQ) summaries of the goodies booth (for premium seats) Before 15:00, the mini tote bag was sold out. Right after 15:00, the stole was sold out. By 16:00, the pouch, ball point pen, truck (simple ver), and badge was sold out.

(my tweet) Fans are now going into the venue. The performance will start in approx 50 minutes, from 18:30JST.

(cr:Kakiyan37, band member, keyboard) Nagoya, the 2nd day. Off to the stage, full of energy!!

(cr:think0308) I see some young boys. They are binding towels around their heads, full of fighting spirits(^-^;

(cr:think0308) I can see the stage with my own eyes…impossible

(cr:Sonny_PRIMETIME) Nippon Gaishi, day 2, lets get going! http://instagr.am/p/kwOjE/

(cr:kaon0206) My impressions!! Yunho today was “I have a cold” condition, but, he was devoting all his energy more and more compared to yesterday!! Maybe he had fever, his cheeks and chest was red from the 3rd song or so, but that was sexy in a way!! I really really love him!! I’ll love him forever!!

(cr:think0308) Such an enjoyable time. Today’s the best \(^-^)/ It was really a good performance.

(cr: think0308) I clearly came to feel that this is the feeling that the venue is united as one. Yunho seems to have caught a cold, but he was bouncing, he looked very happy. Changmin was really in high spirits, too(^^)

(cr: simvanilla) Changmin, at the last song of the encore, jumped & spinned the towel, and pointed to the audience, like, “OK? I’ll throw the towel to you”. He made an eye contact, and the audience was screaming “Kya~ here! here!” We thought he will throw the towel to the fans, but then he threw it to the staff right under the stage

(cr:myeongche) Today, the Bibari & Rui joke (T/N: “jama monoha kieta”) was a big hit, and Yunho seemed very pleased!!! I felt the love of the Bigeasts, who was prepared for this!!!!\(^q^)/

(cr:91line_cjy) Yunho said he was really ashamed that the joke “jama monoha kieta (T/N: the annoying person has disappeared” failed yesterday. But today, the venue was livened up, so he did it again during the encore!!

(cr:myeongche) Changmin’s yesterday’s dinner was Tebasaki (Nagoya special chicken wings) & beer←uncle food!!

(cr:myeongche) Yunho had a sore throat. Changmin mostly talked during the MC!!!(^o^) I felt his love to his hyung~(T^T)

(cr:changminseohyun) Yunho said “I caught cold.” Changmin said “If you caught a cold, go to bed early.”

(cr:sakicj93) Yunho himself was cheerfully saying that he caught cold, but he was dancing and singing with full force. Really, Yunho is very cool in many ways!!!

(cr:91line_cjy) Changmin showed us the air guitar during his solo performance.

(cr:lovelymax_yossy) Changmin said “Releasing a heartrending, heartrending..lonely song on white day…We are such two people” and glanced at Yunho. Yunho smiled wryly xDD

(cr:think0308) We were all doing our best saying “Eeeeee”, but everytime, Changmin made a counterattack with “STOOOOP”, and sadly, it was the time for the new song(^-^ゞ Maybe the only thing that can stop the maknae is Yunho’s hitting Changmin’s head xD

(cr:hyaaaaaz) Yunho’s whistle level during easy mind is getting better, little by little. Unfortunately xDDD

(cr:uknowkaz) I think it was one of the ex-Toho dancers, he was sitting near me. When they discovered him, not only the dancers but Yunho & Changmin smiled and was making eye contacts with him. During BREAK OUT, he was saying “Oh, this is how they did it. Terrific!”

(cr:fukuchomasao, band member, drummer) The second day finished~! Today was again a really happy time~! Thank you very much (^^) So now is the time for beer ♡

(cr:mal_san) well, now~ http://twitpic.com/8bvyda

(cr:YumiKnow) The granny sitting next to me on the train was saying about Yunho & Changmin’s Japanese, “They really made efforts. They really seem kind, and also cool. I’ve lived for 70 years, and know that you will be happy when you can achieve success. And you can enjoy life if you know things, rather than being ignorant. Seeing such (young) people, I should do my best, too.”

Source: (Various Twitter Accounts)
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[TRANS] 120120 TONE Concert Yokohama (Jan 19) Various Staff & Fans’ Tweets

[Shinjiroh Inoue tweets] (cr:shinjiroh_inoue) (Jan 18) Starting today is the TONE tour. I will not go until Saitama (T/N: March), but those who are going, please enjoy yourselves~^^

(cr:tomori_chan) https://twitter.com/…4220032/photo/1 how many are standing in line? OMG~

(cr:nachun10) So many people(;o;`) can i buy the goodies? worrying.. http://bit.ly/yIuKzT

[TONE Stage Director] (cr:mal_san) the second day. http://twitpic.com/891jj4

(cr:ohineri2) http://p.twipple.jp/64366 my seat in is the very middle!

(cr:soratomax) the pole that changmin is going to come down is right in front of me! OMG (≧皿≦)

(my tweet) the poles are located on the right and left of the main stage. sometimes the 2 go up to the ceiling on the cages, and slip down the poles

(cr:ohineri2) the girls are so pretty in the red T shirts.

(cr:tomori_chan) http://twitter.com/t…5911552/photo/1 I’m in the standing section, but my position is quite nice♪

(cr:tomori_chan) today’s concert finished…

(cr:max_uknow) For those who are going to the concert, the venue is so livened up, the tour T shirts are just the right clothes inside the venue xD

(cr:comocomo_810) Yunho’s bows beautifully, just the right 90 degrees. All the time he bows, it’s always the beautiful 90 degrees

(cr:yoosu_richa) I said in a big voice as I can to the two members, “Welcome back” and “Arigato”. I said “Welcome back” when the people around me was quiet, so Changmin seemed to have heard my voice and looked in my direction, my sister is sayiing. I think it is just our imagination.

(cr:pipipi1104) Since I was sitting in the very rear seat in the center, I thought I won’t be able to see much of the stage. But the construction and direction was considered deeply, so even though we were sitting far away or in the 2nd/3rd floor, we were able to enjoy the stage(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Thank you!

(cr:soratomax) I heard that Yunho hyung’s sofa chair during Honey Funny bunny had many wheels on it, so I checked it out. There was a total of 8 wheels ← unimportant info xDDD

(cr:soratomax) During easymind, Yunho was dancing a queer dance. He seems to like the dance xDD When he came back to the main stage, Changmin glanced at the dance, but didn’t imitate it. Changmin, you should dance together with your hyung xDDD

(cr:yoosu_richa) My seat was very near the center stage and passageway, I could watch Yunho’s and Changmin’s expression with my own eyes. They are too handome. Yunho was super cute, and Changmin was the black humored Changmin again today. Yunho’s smile helps us fans, and Changmin’s black humor will give us smiles.

(cr:mamixchangmin) Changmin said to a yawning middle aged woman, “You’re a little bit older~, so you should get sleepy~!” Yunho hit Changmin’s head hard like Hama-chan (T/N: Comedian Hamada of Downtown) ! xDD

(cr:tomori_chan) In the Toyoko Line which I rode from Kikuna. Standing next to me was an elderly woman, holding just a small handbag in her hand. She softly took out from her bag, the silver tape which was fluttering about in the venue. She was happily looking at the tape, and again, put it softly back into her bag. I don’t know the reason, but it made me happy, too.

(cr:tomori_chan) YH “Please support Tohoshinki from now on, too!” Of course we will..even if you say no thanks, I’ll cling to you and woudn’t go away…

(cr:tomori_chan) I love the T shirts that the two were wearing today ☆ I want the T shirt in that color♪ For the rhinestones, I’ll put it myself xD

(cr: comocomo_810) Silver tape CM “Let’s spend the happy time together in the future, too! ” http://yfrog.com/oeb8xvmj

(cr: comocomo_810) Silver tape YH “Thanks everyone for enjoying (the concert) ~❤” http://yfrog.com/ocu4uij

(cr:TVyunhoXQ) http://p.twipple.jp/7N944glittering tapes (with Yunho & Changmin’s message) came fluttering down, got them ☆*:..。.:*☆

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[TRANS] 120126 TONE Concert, Nagoya (Jan 25) Various Staff & Fans’ Tweets

(cr:TVyunhoXQ ) For the goodies booth in Gaishi, there are more than 50 people in queue on 8:30. (T/N: the sales start for the goodies is 13:30)

(cr:Cmin2Co) The bus (T/N: the highway bus from Osaka to Nagoya) driver just said “The bus may be delayed because of the snow. Please do not be angry just in case you should be late for Tohoshinki’s concert.” xDD The bus was full of laughter☆〜(ゝ。∂) (T/N [cr:TVyunhoXQ] : it seems that 80% of the passengers are Tohoshinki fans.)

[TONE Staff] (cr:Kakiyan37, keyboard) I’ll change my way of thinking from today, and will go to Nagoya Gaishi for the performance (3 days in a row) in a new mood!!)

(cr:Kakiyan37, keyboard) Arrivied at Nagoya. My docomo (T/N: cellular phone) is ok now.

(cr:Lovin_U_Know) The original is really cool♪ http://p.twipple.jp/M5229

(cr: roseaki) Our banners came to Nagoya! http://twitpic.com/8bfj1w

(cr:Xiah_panda) Gaishi ballpoint pen sold out around 14:40. The goodies booth started at 13:30, that means, the pen sold out in approx 1 hour. I started to queue around 12:10, and I just barely got them around 14:30.

(cr:TVyunhoXQ) The ballpoint pen was sold out even in the premium seat goodies booth a little bit after 17:00!

(cr:yuccaun) https://twitter.com/…4261505/photo/1 Toho truck!

(cr: Qias01) Gaishi seating chart! http://photozou.jp/p…84277/119133843

(cr:yuccaun) The TONE Nagoya venue is full of red T shirts & Bigeast towels, it is all red! My heart seems to jump out!

(my tweet) Nagoya Gaishi holds 10000, Yokohama Arena 17000.

(cr:76_cha) Yunho’s “NAGOYAaaa!” could be heard outside, I was in tears. Changmin’s Japanese was so fluent, couldn’t catch his words (ノД`)

(cr:yuccaun) TONE Nagoya finished (T_T)(T_T)(T_T)

(cr:eriyaaaan0459) Tohoshinki Nagoya TONE first day, finished! Starting 18:38~ ending 21:29.

(cr:24yelly) Yunho’s charm/entertainment was great!

(cr:na_ta_song999) Changmin hasn’t cut his hair yet! Somebody, pls tell him of a good hairdresser in Nagoya xD

(cr:na_ta_song999) Yunho made a mistake during the first part of “Weep”. He was saying “I made a mistake” xD

(cr:na_ta_song999) Today again, Yunho’s solo was the best!! To the right, left, forward, forward, he was thrusting his hips, irresistible..

(cr:na_ta_song999) Yunho did the “matchstick” that Kusanagi (T/N: SMAP) taught him.

(cr:na_ta_song999) Changmin said “Let’s go on to the next song before a man in the audience throws us something.”

(cr:na_ta_song999) Changmin ate Hitsumabushi two times today.

(cr:na_ta_song999) Yunho & Changmin’s memories of last year was that they performed in “Pikaru no Teiri”

(cr:na_ta_song999) Yunho was saying that the swan was really cute. Changmin said “You’re lying”, and them Yunho cast a flirtatious glance

(cr:na_ta_song999) Changmin said during the encore that the power of Hitsumabushi has gone. And, he said he was hungry.

(cr:na_ta_song999) Yunho again today, had his hair (of his left side) on his ear, he was so cool. I screamed so much, my voice became hoarse

(cr:na_ta_song999) Yunho said “Dera arigato (T/N: Thank you very much) \(^o^)/ He was using Nagoya dialect!

(cr:0mabukikyara, a fan boy) I was in the very front row, and Yunho was always watching me.

(cr:0mabukikyara, a fan boy) when i waved my hand, he waved back, he nodded his head..even if i didn’t shout Yunho’s name in the latter half, he was always looking at me.

(cr:ematw1) Changmin was out of breath during the MC after the dance song, and his talks didn’t make sense. Hearing that, Yunho said “What are you saying~!” and hit Changmin’s head xD

(cr:kirakirider) http://twitpic.com/8bi1v2 since Gaishi hall was previously called the “Rainbow hall”, the shadows were in TONE color!! We made T for Tohoshinki \(^o^)/

(cr:kirakirider) Changmin was really tired at the last, he was really out of breath xDD Compared to that, Yunho doesn’t lose his breath xDD

(cr:kirakirider) Changmin said he ate Hitsumabushi twice. He ate Hitsumabushi for breakfast, and when he came backstage, again, the Hitsumabushi was delivered. Yunho said words like “I got it! That’s the reason why you are so tired.”

(cr:changminseohyun) There were many men fans at the concert today! Sitting next to me was an old man, in the back was a man, and he was shouting “Yunho!” many times! Hearing that, Yunho was smiling^^ The old man next to me was saying “Tohoshinki” during the encore! I am so happy!

(cr:tvxq_u_my) Yunho was running everywhere in the venue, making eye contacts. I was sitting in the rear seat, sitting very far away, but I was not lonely!! Changmin was looking around the venue, too! Both of them really treasure the fans. Every one of us.

(cr:na_ta_song999) The color of today’s encore T shirt was red.

(cr:na_ta_song999) Yunho said “jama monoha kieta (T/N: the annoying person has disappeared)”, but nobody laughed. He did it a few times, but it wasn’t well received.. omg

(cr:na_ta_song999) Before stage, Yunho was full of confidence that their “jama monoha kieta (T/N: the annoying person has disappeared)” will be well received by the fans, Changmin revealed on stage.

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Tohoshinki Tone Tour 2012- Changmin’s Solo Rusty Nail(X-japan)

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Changmin — Solo …Rusty Nail(X-japan), posted with vodpod
Credits: HellYM

120118 Yunho Honey Funny Bunny Japanese version in “TONE” Yokohama [Fancam]

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120118 Yunho Honey Funny Bunny Japanese version…, posted with vodpod
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120118 Tone Tour in Yokohama Arena Talk [Engsub]

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120118 YunMin Talk TONE tour in Yokohama Arena …, posted with vodpod
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TVXQ will Hold ‘TVXQ! LIVE TOUR 2012~TONE~’ for Audiences a Totaling 450,000 People!

TVXQ will Hold ‘TVXQ! LIVE TOUR 2012~TONE~’ for Audiences a Totaling 450,000 People!

Two Additional Concerts at Tokyo Dome and Two Additional Concerts at Osaka Dome will be Held!

Starting from Yokohama Arena on January 18th, TVXQ! was supposed to hold ‘TVXQ! LIVE TOUR 2012~TONE~’ for 20 times in 9 Japanese cities including Nagoya, Fukuoka, Niigata, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Fukui, Osaka and Saitama. However, due to an explosive response from local fans, they decided to hold two additional concerts at Tokyo Dome and two additional concerts at Kyocera Dome Osaka so, TVXQ! will hold ‘TVXQ! LIVE TOUR 2012~TONE~’ for audiences a totaling 450,000 people.

The concert at Tokyo Dome will be held on April 14th and 15th and the concert at Kyocera Dome Osaka will be held on April 21st and 22nd. Since Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome Osaka can accommodate 50,000 audiences and 45,000 audiences respectively, this tour will draw audiences a totaling 450,000 people.

Also, TVXQ! participated in the most prestigious year-end music festival, NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, aired on December 31st and their performance of ‘Keep Your Head Down’ recorded 42.6% viewer ratings.

Meanwhile, ‘TVXQ! LIVE TOUR 2012~TONE~’ will be held at Yokohama Arena on January 18th.

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[PIC] 120112: TVXQ Tone Tour— Japan Concert Merchandises

More information: http://toho-jp.net/info/120112_02.html

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