[SCANS] Tohoshinki in TV Guide Weekly 16 March Issue

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[Trans]120316 TV Guide

Q: Have you ever experienced wanting to see someone so badly that you felt like crying?
YH: I’m not the crying type, but I do understand that feeling. I wanted to meet that person, just see them, so much that I felt like crying. I have experienced this. But meeting with my girlfriend from the past, that was hard to do.
CM: I’ve also had this kind of experience. It was a shame.

Q: So speaking of regret, not being able to meet with your past girlfriend is one of them?
CM: Yes. But looking back on it, not being able to see her was a good thing. In my memories, that’s how she’ll stay, and that’s good, isn’t it?

Q: Yunho-san, do you also treasure memories of your past girlfriend(s)?
YH: Yes, I’m also that type. After time passes, I think that my failures from that time, my inexperience with things, they become good experiences when I meet the next person during a moment of fate. I think love is about timing. My past memories and experiences are things that have allowed me to grow and mature.

~Translated and shared by hominfatale~