TVXQ to tour Asia for their ‘TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011′

Starting October 2nd, TVXQ will be launching a ‘fan meet party’ titled ‘TVXQ! Asian Fan Party 2011‘ for Cassiopeians all across Asia.

The party will kick off in Beijing, China, before traveling to other locations like Thailand and Singapore.  The Chinese media is already hot on its trail, reporting news of the event in newspapers, magazines, and on TV.  Competition amongst reporters to cover the event is said to be fierce, indicating that the tour will become a huge success.

At the fan parties, TVXQ will be performing their hit tracks like “Rising Sun” and “Keep Your Head Down“, in addition to holding talk sessions and special events to create a memorable time with their fans.

In related news, the boys will be continuing their “Tone” promotions. The album topped the Oricon daily chart by selling 105,484 copies in just the first day alone.  TVXQ will be performing on Fuji TV‘s ‘Music Fair‘ on October 1st, NHK‘s ‘Music Japan‘ and Nihon TV‘s ‘Music Reverse‘ on the 2nd, Fuji TV’s ‘SMAP x SMAP‘ on the 3rd.

Shared by: allkpop
Source + Photos: W Star News