[Pic] 120515 – 2012 TVXQ Special Event in Seoul Website

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[Pic] 2012 TVXQ Special Event in Seoul Website

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[Info] 120502 K-Pop Festival – Music Bank The Biggest K-Pop Show Hits Hong Kong

Music Bank, the multi K-pop artists concert from South Korea, will be in Hong Kong for the first time on 23 June 2012 for an exceptional show at AsiaWorld-Arena, following the phenomenal success encountered by K-pop artists such as Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, CnBlue and 2PM in the Hong Kong market recently.

Music Bank is one of the most popular music programmes from Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in Korea, which is broadcast live through KBS World Channel to 72 countries around the world. This weekly entertainment programme is an opportunity to see top level K-pop artists and is the debut vehicle for upcoming artists. It is the driving force behind the famous Hallyu Wave (or Korean wave) sweeping across and beyond Asian markets, and has a very steady fan base around the world as it remains one of the only shows that satisfies, every week, the fans’ craving for K-Pop.

The Hong Kong show will have the privilege to welcome eight of the most famous Korean artist groups who will set the audience on fire with their powerful choreography and their romantic ballads. The confirmed Artist lineup is TVXQ, Wonder Girls, Beast, CnBlue, F(x), MBlaq, Infinite and IU. Often punctuated by surprises and unique performances, the Music Bank K-Pop Festival is an electrifying, enchanting and top quality show.

Back in July 2011, the first Music Bank World Tour took place in Tokyo Japan with a sold-out show at Tokyo Dome. In February 2012, the second show was hugely successful in Paris, France with dynamic performances from top level K-pop artists and an extravagant production. Music Bank in Hong Kong is the newest and the first stop in Asian market ever.

K-pop fans should not miss this one-night only show. Presented by Korean Broadcasting System and promoted in Hong Kong by Midas Promotions, Music Bank in Hong Kong 2012 will storm the stage of AsiaWorld-Arena on 23 June 2012. Tickets to the show are on sale through HK Ticketing and Tom Lee Music Stores (www.hkticketing.com; tel: 31 288 288) from 8 May 2012.

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[NEWS] 120429 TVXQ’s Changmin describes his relationship with Yunho as “Love and War”

Hallyu superstars and 9 year K-pop veterans TVXQ recently sat down to describe their relationship with each other.

On the April 28th edition of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, Changmin explained, ‘We have been described as a married couple of 9 years, and if I think about it, we are like the drama ‘Love and War‘. Even though we are not man and woman, we have interchanging feelings of mortal hatred and love for each other. That is why I found ‘Love and War’ relatable as I was watching it.”

When member Yunho was asked what Changmin means to him, he replied, “He is like a house. A house that I can come back to no matter what happens.” When Changmin was asked what Yunho means to him, he cheekily replied, “Like ‘Love and War’.”

Here’s to many more years of ‘Love and War’ for the fantastic duo!

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[TRANS] 120427 “Fly With The Gold” Reveals Its First Poster, Line-Up Of 6 “Robbers” Including Tsumabuki Satoshi

The poster of the movie “Fly With The Gold” (directed by Izutsu Kazuyuki), starring actor Tsumabuki Satoshi, had its first poster revealed on 27 April. The poster features a catch-phase, “Is there something you want more than money?”, along with pictures of the 6 actors, including Tsumabuki, who are involved in attempting to rob the gold bullion in the movie.

The movie is adapted from the debut crime novel of Japanese best-selling author Takamura Kaoru, which was was awarded the Japan Thriller Suspense Award. The plot depicts the story of 6 men who plan an attempt to steal a gold bullion worth 24 billion yen, which is said to lie in the underground vault of a megabank in Osaka. As the plan is executed, the true agenda of these men slowly become clear.

The movie stars Tsumabuki Satoshi, Asano Tadanobu, Kiritani Kenta, Mizobata Junpei, Tohoshinki’s Changmin and Nishida Toshiyuki. The movie will premiere in November.

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[TRANS] 120430 TVXQ performs as the Closing Act at E-Da Music Festival in Taiwan

According to the Hong Kong media, the two shows of the “E-Da Super Asia Music Festival”, which gathered artists from Japan, Korea and Taiwan, opened with the first show in Kaohsiung on the evening of 28 April. Performing artists included TVXQ, Rainie Yang and Guo Shu Yao, attracting fans from all over. Among them, TVXQ, who performed as the closing act, was the most popular. Their popularity was off the charts.

When TVXQ made their appearance, the crowd was blown away and there were cheers all over. They performed many popular tracks for the fans, including “Why”, “Maximum” and “Before You Go”. Every little move had the fans screaming. It was their first time in Kaohsiung for a performance, and they greeted the fans in Mandarin, saying that Kaohsiung was very beautiful. The fans recommended that they visit the night markets. The host, Huang Zi Jiao commented that if TVXQ were to appear on the streets, there would be chaos. TVXQ laughed and replied that they would go after disguising themselves.

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[TRANS+PHOTO] 120416 BoA Twitter Update

Yundoli and Changdoli’s Tokyo Dome concert!! Face stamp, chop!! ^^ My swollen face and the two tall men ㅋㅋ I’ll do my makeup before coming next time ^^

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[NEWS] 120411 TVXQ’s Japan Tour Official ‘Be Able to Select’ Photo Book Release in May

TVXQ’s official photo book of their largest tour ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2012 TONE’ which is currently being held in Japan is confirmed to release in May.
In this photo book, fans can choose photos they like from hundreds photos taken in the tour through shopping website. Each photo book will be made and delivered one by one after fans’ selection.

The hardback photo book will contain 48 pages. Price is 4,000 yen ($50) including tax and it will be sold in the Japanese shopping website ‘Seven Net Shopping.’
The tour of TVXQ will include performance in Tokyo Dome from this Saturday for 3 days with 165,000 fans.

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[TRANS] 120403 TVXQ To Participate In Dream Concert For The Second Year Running

Following last year, the leading Hallyu group TVXQ will once again be appearing at the Dream Concert.

The “2012 Dream Concert” event organisers said, “Popular group TVXQ will be joining the lineup for this year’s Dream Concert.” “After appearing in the 2008 Dream Concert, TVXQ were busy with activities in and out of the country for the next 3 years, before returning to the Dream Concert stage (last year,) showing a passionate performance of ‘Maximum’ and ‘Keep Your Head Down’.”

TVXQ, who made their debut in 2004 with “Hug”, have been performing on stages in and outside of the country for the past 8 years as the “Hallyu Ambassadors”. Hit songs include “Why (Keep your head down”, “Mirotic”, “Before U Go”, “Maximum” asn others. In 2009, 3 of their members filed a lawsuit against their management agency, with U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin remaining to continue to legacy of TVXQ. 2 years later, they made their comeback with a new album “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”, taking over music charts in Korea as well as overseas.

As a representative hallyu group, they have created various stages to meet with foreign fans. Last year on 25-26 November, they attended the “Billboard K-POP Masters” at MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, and last month they appeared at the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival 2012. Their single which was released in Japan on 14 March took the no.1 spot on the Oricon daily and subsequently the weekly charts, and created a new record with 10 singles at number 1 on the Oricon chart. This year, they will also be featured in the “SMTown LIVE World Tour 3″ which starts on 20 May at the Honda Center in California.

The 2012 Dream Concert, which TVXQ will be performing at, is in its 17th year. This large-scale Asian music event will have the slogan “Love You, Korea 2012″ in support of the patriotic message used in the Yeosu World Expo 2012.

Organised by the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association and sponsored by Oilbank, the “2012 Dream Concert” will be held at Seoul’s Sangam-dong World Cup Stadium on 12 May at 6.30 pm KST.

(Baidu T/N: Seems like this is the 18th year of the dream concert, not the 17th)

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[TRANS] 120403 TVXQ & Super Junior, The 3rd SMTown Live To Begin In May

The third world tour for SMTown Live will begin in May.

A joint concert by SM Entertainment, which is the management agency of artists including TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and f(x), is scheduled to have concerts beginning 20 May in Los Angeles, USA, followed by 4 and 5 August at the Tokyo Dome, and 18 August at the main stadium in Jamshil, Seoul.

For the tour this time, large-scale performances will be held in major cities worldwide, including within America, Japan and Korea, as well as other Asian cities such as Beijing. The SMTown Live, which first began touring in 2008, has received explosive responses from music fans all over the world during the World Tour, which was held over 2009 and 2010 in regions including Seoul, LA, Paris, New York and Tokyo. A passionate response is also anticipated for the third world tour this time.

SM representatives revealed that for the concerts this time, aside from coming up with new stage setups and performances, they are also prepared to present upgraded stages, in particular with new collaboration performances. In addition, the concerts this time will be held in collaboration with MBC. It is expected for the concert to be broadcast under the title “MBC Korean Music Wave In LA – SMTown Special”.

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