[Trans] 120524 Post of JYJ Tweets

@6002theMicky: Rooftop Prince ended its run with an ending more beautiful than any other works..^^ I was really thankful for all the love you gave during this time. Thank you. Even if 300 years pass, I still love you~^^ Silly~~~~!!!

@6002theMicky: Lee Gak Park Ha~^^http://yfrog.com/kju22zqoj

@1215thexiahtic: Yoochunie you worked so hard during this time..^^ For the time being, please have a good rest…! Your Highness..;;

@1215thexiahtic: @poimin73 Thank you as always Hyung~^^

@6002theMicky: ^_______________________^ http://yfrog.com/od1hujij

@6002theMicky: @1215thexiahtic Thank you~^^ Do the tour well!! You are the best!!

@6002theMicky: Today’s filming ended too~^^!!! http://yfrog.com/esuiditj

@6002theMicky: Lee Gak, you’re the first drama character that I’ve ever looked forward to… I’ll miss you… Goodbye.

@6002theMicky: Ah!! And for a while I used to think “Gakie, you’re such a player”, I cancel that thought now. Cancel!!^^ Thank you~

@6002theMicky: @woosiq Never forget… http://yfrog.com/ocp9bbgoj

@6002theMicky: @jihye5555 ㅎㅎ You worked so hard too~^^ㅎㅎ Let’s get even more tired during the next piece of work^^

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[TRANS] 120205 Post Of JYJ Tweets

Stars are precious to our little gamer 😛

(Yong Hwan, 6:25pm KST, 120203) @1215thexiahtic I started playing too lol Hyung, can’t you give me some stars? I’ve realized just how precious they are lol pic.twitter.com/OofhnEgP

(Junsu, 12:13am KST) @plmok30 lol I can’t give you any of the stars that I have..ㅠ

Turkey is indeed awesome 😀 I loved my visits there too!

(Jaejoong,5:51am KST) Turkish people share quite a lot of similarities with Korean people.. It’s really a great place to be~ A country that fills me with anticipation for the next couple of days to come~ (T/N: lol this tweet was made before 5:59am but I added it anyway. I’m such a rebel~ *runs around*)

This is too adorable ❤

(Jaejoong, 8:55pm KST, English Tweet) I love TURKEY! TURKEY fan’s is so active n cut^^

Nice save, Mr Kim Jaejoong, very nice save 😉

(Jaejoong, 8:59pm KST, English Tweet) e~ haha

Did something happen? 😦

(Yoochun, 12.58am KST) You can still be having a hard time, even if you have a lot of experience…. You could crumble because you’re strong….

(Yoochun, 12.59am KST) I think I’m like that…

(Jae Eun, 1.05am KST) @6002theMicky Maybe that’s why we have to learn how to become stronger…….

(Yoochun, 1.18am KST) @beyondmonica Is that why??

(Hyejin, 1.16am KST) @6002theMicky If you just let go instead of forcing yourself to hold on because you don’t want to crumble, it can become nothing to worry about. From experience, it really does. 🙂 (Yoochun, 1.19am KST) @PR_babe What~ How are you??

(Hyejin, 1.20am KST) @6002theMicky I’m good but I’m good in a strange way. kekekekeke

(Yoochun, 1.24am KST) @PR_babe What~~~ Oh~

The absolute craziness begins!

(Jaejoong, 1.05am KST) Turkey’s nice~~^^ http://pic.twitter.com/UIEKwN0q

(Jaejoong, 1.07am KST) @6002theMicky Yoochun, be strong~ You have me, Jaejeul, and Jungu! Though filming (for your drama) must be tiring, hwaiting ..! pic.twitter.com/GvObaIjv

(Yoochun, 1.10am KST) @mjjeje Have you been drinking?? I love you~

(Jaejoong, 1.18am KST) @6002theMicky It’s only 6 here, why would I be drinking~ I love you~ And be strong~ If you think about what I said to you on my birthday, I know you’ll feel a bit stronger^^

(Yoochun, 1.19am KST) @mjjeje That day, the three of us~ were pretty lovable~

omg I died at the end XD

(Yoochun, 1.23am KST) J.Y.J Hwaiting!!!!

(Yoochun, 1.29am KST) Jaejoong hyung’s birthday~ The conversation we had that day is a secret~ yfrog.com/mmbc8fwj

(Jaejoong, 1.31am KST) @6002theMicky This photo haha It feels like I’m there right now haha

(Junsu, 1.34am KST) @6002theMicky keke Yoochun, whatcha doin’??

(Yoochun, 1.34am KST) @mjjeje I miss you~~~ Come back to Korea asap~

(Junsu, 1.34am KST) @mjjeje It was fun, in a way.. and pleasant lol Anyway, how’s Turkey??

(Jaejoong, 1.38am KST) @1215thexiahtic Turkey’s so awesome, let’s all come here together someday!

(Jaejoong, 1.38am KST) @6002theMicky Yes, I should go invade your filming location! I’ll take Jungu with me~

(Junsu, 1.39am KST) @mjjeje They say it’s the flower of Eastern Europeㅠ

(Yoochun, 1.40am KST) @1215thexiahtic Get lost~

(Jaejoong, 1.40am KST) @1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky I have a photo of that moment, but from a different angle.. haha We were dangerous that day haha pic.twitter.com/e2W3AJeF

(Yoochun, 1.42am KST) @1215thexiahtic Junsu, I obeyed all the traffic lights today, as always. I love you hahahahahaha (T/N: ‘준수’ means ‘to obey, abide by’ etc in Korean. aka This is another infamous lame joke by the Chunface XD)

(Junsu, 1.43am KST) @mjjeje @6002theMicky Everything we said that day is a secret lol

(Junsu, 1.43am KST) @6002theMicky kekekekekekekekeke

(Junsu, 1.45am KST) @6002theMicky Everything’s great about you but your one flaw is that you’re not that funny…. keke

(Junsu, 1.46am KST) @6002theMicky The video in which you tell me that my flaw is that I’m ugly.. it’s still a fatal blow, even when I watch it nowㅠlol (Jaejoong, 1.48am KST) @1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky Good-looking Yoochun is contained on location (T/N: ‘준수’ can also mean ‘good-looking, handsome’ while ‘재중’ means ‘to be contained’… Not you too Kim Jaejoong ;A;)

(Yoochun, 1.49am KST) @1215thexiahtic I’m sorry Junsu…. I couldn’t even make you laugh.. I should just go die… Sob….

(Junsu, 1.50am KST) @mjjeje @6002theMicky (T/N: This is directed at Jaejoong’s lame joke) Wow, that was funny.

(Jaejoong, 1.50am KST) @6002theMicky @1215thexiahtic Yoochun can only make people laugh with his facial expressions~

Just tell us~~~~~~~~~~

(Jae Eun, 1:34am KST) @mjjeje @6002themicky @1215thexiahtic The three of talked for over an hour… hahaha What on earth were you talking about hahahaha ha

(Junsu, 1:36am KST) @beyondmonice Shall I say.. it was a talk only men could have.. haha

…how is this funny? 😛

(Yoochun, 1.53am KST) I’ve run out of battery ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(Junsu, 1.57am KST) @6002theMicky kekekeke Why is this kid so funny?

Kitties \o/

(Jaejoong, 2.49am KST) Turkish cats~ pic.twitter.com/PJZpEnrc

(Jaejoong, 3:05am KST) A close-up shot of the Turkish cat.. Ah, I’m starting to miss JiJi pic.twitter.comVjlWh4xz

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[Trans] 120131 Jaejoong Tweets

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Lift you’re head as much as you’re sorry. Run hard.

A lot of tears are falling~ falling hard.

Large snowflakes are falling hard.

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[TRANS] 091211 Post Of JYJ Tweets

This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 9th to 5:59am KST, December 10th.

looks like someone got up on the right side of the bed this morning

(Junho, 7:44pm KST) Good morning!! Good morning!!♪( ´▽`) 

(Junsu, 7:49pm KST) @JUNO_Japan Good morning!!!!!!

Awww, hope you had fun bb!

(Jaejoong, 7:56pm KST) Thank you^^ Shanghai

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