[TRANS] 120515 Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin – #8

Question 8: Where would you like to go if you could go once?

Yunho : Space

Changmin : Champions League. I want to go see the final match.

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[NEWS] 120429 TVXQ’s Changmin describes his relationship with Yunho as “Love and War”

Hallyu superstars and 9 year K-pop veterans TVXQ recently sat down to describe their relationship with each other.

On the April 28th edition of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, Changmin explained, ‘We have been described as a married couple of 9 years, and if I think about it, we are like the drama ‘Love and War‘. Even though we are not man and woman, we have interchanging feelings of mortal hatred and love for each other. That is why I found ‘Love and War’ relatable as I was watching it.”

When member Yunho was asked what Changmin means to him, he replied, “He is like a house. A house that I can come back to no matter what happens.” When Changmin was asked what Yunho means to him, he cheekily replied, “Like ‘Love and War’.”

Here’s to many more years of ‘Love and War’ for the fantastic duo!

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[TRANS] 120228 Yunho – Jung DongHwa Twitter Update

“Yunho and I communicates well in fashion sense. This is really not joking kekeke”

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Staff Diary 120205 — U-know Yunho Over Flowers ^^

[TVXQ Official Website Staff Diary 120205]

* * * * *

U-know Yunho Over Flowers?!

Greetings : ) This is TVXQ’s representative.

Tomorrow is the 27th birthday of TVXQ’s leader, U-know Yunho! [note: Yunho is counted as turning 27 years old in Korea, but if using common/Western way to calculate, he is turning 26 years old.] We have received an enormous amount of congratulatory messages to celebrate U-know Yunho’s birthday, February 6th, from the fans. Not only sending the messages, but the fans also have done a lot of great things. To express our appreciation, we would like to post a greeting message at this STAFF DIARY section, which has not been updated for a long long while.

[note: These are certificates of the fans’ donations on behalf of Yunho.]

Really thank you all so much! (^ ^) (_ _)

And!! If this post just ends here, it would be a bit sad right?^^

So~~ here is the most stylish~ U-know Yunho~!!

We would like to express our deepest appreciation again to all the fans of TVXQ. Please continue to share your strong support in the future~! ^0^

* * * * *

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120206 Message to Cassiopeia with Yunho’s Photo

SM has sent a message to Cassiopeia members on Yunho’s birthday with his photo! Yunho is holding a bunny and a Yunnie doll made by a Korean fansite on their hand-made birthday cake (see photos HERE). How cute!

** Happy Birthday Yunho! **


To. Cassiopeia 3rd Generation

Greetings =) This is TVXQ’s representative!

Today, the cold winter is melted warmly because it is February 6th! We are sending a cuttie shot of U-Know, who is welcoming his 27th* birthday, exclusively to all the members of the 3rd generation of Cassiopeia!!! ~>_<

===== * [note:] Yunho is counted as turning 27 years old in Korea, but if using common/Western way to calculate, he is turning 26 years old.


Source: yoonhoheaven (1st picture), max_honeydew (2nd picture), ContinueTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 120206 U-Know Yunho Pays A Visit To Rain, Who Is Doing Military Service

Recently, TVXQ’s Yunho paid a visit to his senior Rain, who is currently doing his military service.

An image of the two artists were posted online, together with another person whom the public is unfamiliar with. Rain’s fans, who got to see their beloved idol have been so happy and felt fortunate, and have been expressing their gratitude towards Yunho, who made a special visit to see Rain despite his busy schedule.

Yunho, who seems to be sporting a new haircut, grew out his hair and dyed it a burnt caramel color.

Netizens said, “Yunho is so sincere!” “Looking at a military man doing the V sign, it’s so cute!” and “I hope that we can see more artists visiting their senior!” and other comments

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + BNTnews]
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[TRANS] 120206 U-Know Yunho, Japanese Fansite Makes A Donation Of 22 Million Korean Won As A Birthday Present

U-know Yunho’s Japanese fansite “Jung Yunho Fan Blog Ring One” makes a donation to help others in celebration of Yunho’s birthday.

In celebration of Yunho’s birthday, “Jung Yunho Fan Blog Ring One” made a donation of 22 million Korean won to help others, in place of (giving Yunho) a birthday present. This is the 2nd time following their donation of 10 million won to commemorate U-know Yunho’s birthday last year.

The donated sum will go to scholarships for the students from lower-income families in U-Know Yunho’s alma mater, as well as two other social welfare organisations.

Upon seeing this, netizens expressed, “It is so warm to make donations as a birthday present”, “Even though they are of a different nationality, compassion lives on everywhere”, “Hope that more artistes will be able to spend their birthdays this way”, among other responses.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + TV Daily via Nate]
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[TRANS] 120207 “Potato Soup, My Treat” … Yunho, Surprise “Birthday Party” With Fans

“I’ll treat today!”
Shouldn’t such a day be considered a true ‘lottery win’? To be able to eat with the “oppa” of their dreams, it is to the extent that these fans must still have been half-asleep. An unexpected surprise birthday party. For Uknow Yunho and the fans, 6 Feb was a time of special memories.
We were able to see Uknow Yunho at an eatery in Apgujeong-dong at 7pm on 6 Feb. Korean fans and Japanese fans were gathered around the eatery. We learnt that this day was Uknow Yunho’s 26th birthday. Every fan had painstakingly prepared presents, and looked on as Yunho sat in the eatery.
However, at this moment, the voice of Uknow Yunho, who was eating in the restaurant, was heard.
“Please come in to eat~”

A love for his fans which is different from others. Uknow Yunho must have felt sorry for the fans waiting outside, and thus asked them to come in to have their meals together. The fans gathered outside were unable to hide their shocked expressions at this unexpected care from Uknow Yunho. Seeing the expressions on the fans faces, Uknow Yunho was full of smiles.
(He) was really caring. Uknow Yunho arranged for a bowl of potato soup to be served to all the fans who were seated in the eatery. He greeted and interacted with the fans until the ordered food was served. The food was served shortly, and fans expressed their gratefulness by saying, “We will eat well”, and began enjoying their meals. Uknow Yunho watched them happily.

After the pleasant meal ended, Uknow Yunho walked out of the eatery with his fans. The fans then began saying, “Oppa we ate well”, “It was very delicious” and “Happy Birthday”, like a scene from a fanmeeting. It was really a meaningful birthday.
Uknow Yunho seemed a bit embarrassed, and waved his hands in response. When receiving the gifts from the fans, he bowed his head to express his thanks to each one of them. (They are) really an idol and fans with very good manners. The meeting reluctantly came to an end here, and Uknow Yunho left in his own car.

How was Uknow Yunho’s fashion like on this day? Comfortable and not idol-like. Uknow Yunho was dressed in a print white T-shirt with a beach landscape, paired with a black padded jumper with yellow inner lining. Even with casual wear on, he looked as charismatic as in stage outfits. Even his newly dyed light brown hair matched well.
Without any additional disguise, or even the masks and caps that idols usually like to wear, he was unmindful of the looks of people around him, chatting with and greeting the fans carefreely. It seems obvious what his secret is, to being loved by fans over such a long period of time.
Uknow Yunho and Choikang Changmin are working under the name TVXQ, and are global stars that receive much attention not only locally,but also throughout Asia, Europe and many other countries. But in front of the fans, (he is) an affectionate older brother, as well as a friend. “Dispatch” will continue supporting (him), and hopes that he will be able to form even closer friendships with the fans.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Dispatch via Nate]
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[Vid] 120201 Midnight TV entertainment – Yunho

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

120201 YUNHO-한밤의 티비연예(2), posted with vodpod

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[NEWS] 120202 Yunho wants to expand his acting career


TVXQ’s Yunho who starred in the MBC miniseries “Heading to the Ground” back in 2010 revealed that he would like to try acting again and also work alongside actor Jang Hyuk.

The February 1st episode of SBS’s ‘Entertainment Tonight’ covered an interview that was conducted with Yunho along with fellow celebrities Lee Min Jung, Sohee, Jang Hyuk, and Yoon Do Hyun.

The first question asked to Yunho was “Do you have a girlfriend?” to which he replied, “I really don’t”.

Then the interviewer continued to ask, “When do you feel like you wish you had a girlfriend the most?” and Yunho honestly answered, “When I’m sick. I get really sad when I’m sick so at those times I wish there was someone there to comfort me.”

The interviewer asked Yunho if he has any interest in acting again to which he replied, “I am very interested in acting.” So the interviewer continued to ask Yunho which actor / actress he would like to work with the most and he said, “I’m not saying this because I’m here, but I would really like to work with Jang Hyuk.” Actress Lee Min Jung, who was also present at the interview, looked slightly disappointed by Yunho’s answer of picking Jang Hyuk over herself.

Yunho tried to explain to Lee Min Jung that he would also like to work with her by saying, “I also want to act with Lee Min Jung and I am a fan of her.” To this Lee Min Jung jokingly replied, “What you said can’t be undone.”

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