[Eng Sub] YunHo’s Thumb Story (Beijing Fanmeet)

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(1st message)
When I’m taking a picture of myself in a beautiful scenery, I’d always involuntarily raise my thumb up because it reminds me of you.

~~ To the most precious Jung Yunho

(2nd message)
Our teacher has often told us stories about you. When we’ve grown up, we wish to be like Yunho, a hard-working, strong and caring person. Yunho oppa Fighting!

(3rd message)
Yunho-yah these are your mini-me(s) I bet you didn’t know how great your charm is that it transcends age, gender and race…. ….  

(4th message)
When the spring arrives, the flowers start to bloom. Raise up your thumb and smile as you travel along your exciting life journey.

(5th message)
You said you still wish to be a singer in your next life. And in that next life, I’ll still be your fan.

(6th message)
Yunho-yah, noona’s found her other half a little earlier than you. All the best in finding your half too!

(7th message)
From schooling, to working, to becoming a parent, Yunho has always been by my side along the way, through the happy times. Some day, I will take out Yunho’s photo and tell my child that this was the man I loved with all my heart when I was younger.   

(8th message)
You’re our sun and salt.

(9th message)
In our hearts, you’re the very best!

(10th message)


Please eat well, sleep well, and take care of yourself. Even if you choose to cry silently, its alright, a grandpa understands his grandson.

The chaos has passed by, and the sunlight shining down now truly belongs to you.

No matter what you encounter, we’ll always be by your side, looking out for you.

Our Yunho, promise us that you’ll find happiness too!

(The last phrase is really beautiful to a native chinese, we hope you guys can also understand the depth of feeling these wonderful fans have. Have a great day ahead!)

Translated by: tohohearts
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[Eng Sub] 021011 TVXQ! Fan Party in Beijing – Talk 1

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Host: Did you know, that the demand for TVXQ’s tickets had been overwhelming since they’re up for sale? Thus, the fans must have taken a lot of effort to get here tonight.

Homin: Hi everyone, we’re Dong Bang Shin Ki

(can’t really hear what Yunho is saying)

Host: Everyone really misses you both, it’s been quite some time since you’ve visited, could you tell us what you’ve been doing during the past 2 years?

Yunho: Hi~ I’m Yunho Hi~ (his pronunciation is really cute^^)

Translator: During these two years, we had our separate schedules and have taken part in dramas and various productions. Also, we’ve missed everyone too.

Changmin: Hi~ everyone I’m Changmin

Translator: He’s really happy to meet all the fans here tonight and hopes to have a memorable night with everyone        

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[Eng Sub] 021011 TVXQ! Fan Party in Beijing – Talk 2

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[FanCam] 111002 TVXQ! Fan Party in Beijing – Ta…, posted with vodpod

(This happens after Homin finished watching the fan made video)

Host: Its really touching and well-made. The final phrase in the video, ‘Promise us that you’ll find happiness too!‘ is what all the fans here wish to say to you both, isn’t it? (asks fans)

Fans: Oh no Changmin is crying!

Host: The fans who made this video have expressed their heart-felt feelings to TVXQ, and I believe that fans gathered today also have some words to say to them too?

Fans: Yes! We love you!!

(while Yunho’s speaking) Fans: He’s going to cry~~~~

Translator: (Yunho) He’ll remember what you guys have done for him for a very long time and he’s deeply touched by everything.

Translator: (Changmin) After seeing the fans’ gifts, he feels very encouraged and more confident in what he’s doing now.

Host: I saw that their eyes were tinged red while they were talking just now. I believe that some of the fans watching are feeling the same way too. I think that we should give TVXQ’s gifts to the fans who made the video, what do you think?

Fans: Yes!

Translator: Yes they think the gifts should go to them too

Translated by: tohohearts
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