TVXQ Asia Fan Party in Singapore on 4th Dec!!


TVXQ will be having a fans party in Singapore on 4 December; this will be their virgin performance in Singapore, and they will be in Singapore for not more than 24 hours.

A Korean company, “S2 Entertainment” will be personally be in charge of TVXQ’s fan party, instead of having local companies take over the organizing of Kpop events in Singapore. In addition, the Korean side has confirmed that this event, to be held in December, will be TVXQ’s first event in Singapore.

TVXQ had successfully completed their first fan party in Beijing on 2nd October, and in this coming December, they will be having a “TVXQ Asia Fan Party” in Bangkok on the 3rd.

Flying in on 4 December in the morning, they will be having their fan party in Singapore later in the day, before leaving for Korea the next morning. In all, they will be in Singapore for even less than 24 hours.

Having debuted for 9 years, this is the first time TVXQ is going to Singapore, and even though it is just a fan party, they have chosen to hold it at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The Korean side has been persistent on attaining high standards in productions, and will be building up a magnificent stage. They will also be working on the planning of performances and games that will allow fans to be able to interact closely with TVXQ. The fan party will be 2 hours long.

Although ticket prices have not been confirmed, it will be priced lesser than SGD200, and tickets will go on sale soon.

For more information, please visit the official event website

Performance fee up to 50,000USD

TVXQ holds a high position in the Korean entertainment industry, which surpasses Super Junior. It is known that their performance fee could hit up to 50,000USD (approximately 65,000SGD) .

An insider revealed, TVXQ was previously invited to attend a performance with various artistes, and TVXQ’s performance fee was as high as USD50,000. The insider also revealed that TVXQ did not attend in the end due to their schedule.

After the other members Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu left, requesting to terminate their contracts, TVXQ now comprises of only Yunho and Changmin.

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[Eng Sub] 021011 TVXQ! Fan Party in Beijing – Talk 1

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[FanCam] 111002 TVXQ! Fan Party in Beijing – Ta…, posted with vodpod

Host: Did you know, that the demand for TVXQ’s tickets had been overwhelming since they’re up for sale? Thus, the fans must have taken a lot of effort to get here tonight.

Homin: Hi everyone, we’re Dong Bang Shin Ki

(can’t really hear what Yunho is saying)

Host: Everyone really misses you both, it’s been quite some time since you’ve visited, could you tell us what you’ve been doing during the past 2 years?

Yunho: Hi~ I’m Yunho Hi~ (his pronunciation is really cute^^)

Translator: During these two years, we had our separate schedules and have taken part in dramas and various productions. Also, we’ve missed everyone too.

Changmin: Hi~ everyone I’m Changmin

Translator: He’s really happy to meet all the fans here tonight and hopes to have a memorable night with everyone        

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[Eng Sub] 021011 TVXQ! Fan Party in Beijing – Talk 2

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[FanCam] 111002 TVXQ! Fan Party in Beijing – Ta…, posted with vodpod

(This happens after Homin finished watching the fan made video)

Host: Its really touching and well-made. The final phrase in the video, ‘Promise us that you’ll find happiness too!‘ is what all the fans here wish to say to you both, isn’t it? (asks fans)

Fans: Oh no Changmin is crying!

Host: The fans who made this video have expressed their heart-felt feelings to TVXQ, and I believe that fans gathered today also have some words to say to them too?

Fans: Yes! We love you!!

(while Yunho’s speaking) Fans: He’s going to cry~~~~

Translator: (Yunho) He’ll remember what you guys have done for him for a very long time and he’s deeply touched by everything.

Translator: (Changmin) After seeing the fans’ gifts, he feels very encouraged and more confident in what he’s doing now.

Host: I saw that their eyes were tinged red while they were talking just now. I believe that some of the fans watching are feeling the same way too. I think that we should give TVXQ’s gifts to the fans who made the video, what do you think?

Fans: Yes!

Translator: Yes they think the gifts should go to them too

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