[Trans] 071111 JYJ, After Spain, Successfully Completes Concert In German, “Next Year, We Want To Perform In Europe As Well”

Following (their performance in) Spain, JYJ once again displayed an explosive stage in Germany.

According to C-JeS, JYJ held a passionate concert at Berlin’s Tempodrom on 6 November, at 9pm. Aside from Germany, fans from Holland, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Russia, France and Greece, as well as various other Northern, Eastern and other European countries were gathered at the location, and these 3,000 fans with accurate Korean pronunciation spent 2 hours with JYJ.

This day, within the 2 hours, JYJ performed 15 songs. After their successful solo concert (as the first Korean artists to do so) in Spain, they too completed their concert in Germany successfully, with their World Tour concert being held in a total of 13 cities.

JYJ said, “We really wanted to come, and finally we have made it to Germany to meet with everyone, we’re really fortunate. The food in Germany is really good, and we like the parks as well.” Member Kim Junsu also said “Having come to the country where the man who has been like a father to me, the composer for “Mozart” and “Elisabeth,” Sylvester Levay’s Germany, I’m really very happy. We are thankful to have received great strength from everybody, and next year, we want to present an even more active JYJ.”

A C-JeS representative said, “The Kpop fever has just started to take shape in Europe, but since it’s JYJ, we felt that we could hold a solo concert, albeit a small-scale one. We are really thankful for the unexpected passion and support given by the European fans, and we will definitely want to come back again for the world tour next year. “

Also, in December, JYJ will be taking their individual breaks, and will also focus on song-writing.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun via Nate]
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